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First of all, I would like to wish all my readers, a very happy and healthy New Year 2018. If I go back over the year 2017, it was a good year, in which I posted 26 posts, out of which 24 were recipes and two were MLLA hosting and round-up posts. Things were not very conducive in the beginning of the year because my health was not that good and I was in India, where I was recovering and trying to settle down in the new climate. But still, in the first two months of the year, I managed to post 5 recipes. Working on my posts was always helping me recover my health, as I was inspired to write. I traveled back to Canada in March and was a bit busy again settling back, so could post only 6 recipes from March to June. But two important and favorite posts were there during that time, the first was the edible fruit arrangement when I was very excited being my 100th post and the second one was strawberry parfait, which was the third blog anniversary post.

But the second half of 2017 was even better than the first half, I was back in a good mood and spirit to post a lot of new recipes on the blog, some of them were my favourite which I wanted to post earlier in the year but couldn’t because of so many reasons, like mango mousse, rice pudding, cherry tart and orange peel pickle. June onwards the weather this in Calgary was also very nice when we get all fresh summer fruits like cherries, mangoes etc. Then from July up to including December, I managed to post 15 posts. In the month of October, I enjoyed hosting the MLLA which is a monthly blog party that is going on for the last 9 years, in which many food bloggers took part. I would like to give special thanks to my son-in-law for his awesome photographs for my blog throughout 2017. Last but not the least, thanks to all my readers who take the time to read my blog, and return again and again since the last three years, I am looking forward to your support in 2018, which is going to be an exciting year for my blog, when I am planning to share lots of new and exciting recipes.

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