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It is marketed as a masstige beauty brand but its first store has just opened at the posh Pavilion Kuala Lumpur mall.

Spanish brand 3INA – pronounced “mee-nah” or pretty woman in Spanish (the figure “3” is an “M” positioned sideways) – was founded by fashion industry veterans Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, and it’s a cosmetics brand that they plan to change the beauty landscape with.

On the masstige category of the brand and launching a store at a luxury mall, Rivera explains with a playful grin, “We’re here to disrupt the beauty industry!”

Not only are they here to upset the beauty landscape, they’ve humorously declared, “We have no heritage, only a dream for the future.”

From our products to our packaging, we’ve torn up the rulebook and are doing things our own way, taking nothing for granted and challenging every expectation of how a beauty brand should act.”

Rivera and Eve say they are responding to a new generation who are approaching makeup in a fresh, fearless, experimental and democratic way.

3INA products are playful, premium but priced affordably. They are also parabens-free, cruelty-free and vegan where possible without compromising quality.

They currently offer 700 over products in makeup, skincare, nails and tools, inclusive of a full palette of colours and shades to reflect their philosophy of inclusion and diversity.

Keeping It Real

On a trip to Milan, Rivera and Eve said they saw a lot of beauty brands that were very aspirational but they noticed an under representation on approachable beauty.

“In fashion, real girls are represented in high street brands but in beauty there’s nothing available, hence the creation of 3INA,” says Eve.

Eve is mostly on the road while Rivera is based at their headquarters in Spain, and Rivera says, “When we’re not together we speak about four times a day and constantly check in with each other.”


Founded by fashion industry veterans Pablo Rivera (left) and Mark Eve, the duo say the brand is aimed at changing the beauty landscape. Photo: The Star/Darran Tan

Having worked together for over eight years, they’ve honed a comfortable business relationship that is not all stuffy as Eve quips, “Pablo is older and more classic but I’m younger and trendier.” To which Rivera retorts, “I’m more handsome and smarter!”

For product ideas Rivera says, “We are surrounded by an amazing team and with social media we can pick up trends very quickly. There’s a lot of research on real people’s needs and wants, and what is happening in the world,” while Eve adds, “Whatever we do we focus on the customer.”

A Brand For All


3INA keeps its prices affordable as it doesn’t spend a lot of money on expensive models and their ads use regular models and real people. Photo: 3INA

3INA is made in Europe and they are offered at drugstore prices. How is this possible? “We are very disruptive. It’s affordable luxury. We don’t spend a lot of money on marketing on expensive models like traditional brands. Instead, we focus on real people,” Rivera explains.

“We wanted the 3INA experience to be more luxurious than any of the existing brands with high quality formulas but at an affordable price point,” Rivera says.

“We are a small company and we make decisions very fast so we’re able to have a new product in stores in about four months,” says Rivera.

They have a core collection but they will also launch a new product every month, with a total of eight product launches a year, along with limited editions, seasonal and Christmas products.

Eve points out that their bestsellers are the Longwear Lipstick which lasts a whole day, Pen Eyeliner which offers up to 12-hour wear and Cream Foundation.

“As soon as people try the products and compare with their current makeup they will know the difference in the quality. The proof is in the product. Going forward we are also moving in the direction of recyclable packaging and to be energy efficient,” says Eve.


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