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North Korea claims to have developed a new brewing technique that replaces traditional barley with wheat, for a “richer and more flavourful” wheat beer.

Produced out of the Taedong River Beer Factory, the wheat beer is described as cloudier than barley-based beers, sweet, with a unique fragrance, and better foaming properties.

The announcement was made in the country’s official state newspaper Rodong Sinmun, couched in propaganda language that praises leader Kim Jong-un for trying to improve people’s quality of life through the development of a “world-class competitive product”.

Development of the wheat beer required determining the ratio of wheat and barley, yeast culture methods and fermentation.

Back in 2015, the Chosun Ilbo in Seoul reported of Kim’s displeasure with South Korean beer, calling it tasteless.

The wheat beer was scheduled to make its grand debut at North Korea’s Taedong River Beer Festival last summer, but the festival was cancelled following the high-profile death of American tourist Otto Warmbier and the country’s increased activity in intercontinental ballistic missile testing. — AFP Relaxnews

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