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Primark PS Nudes Matte Eye Cream

So much wrong with this and yet, so much right with this! It’s from Primark’s new collection of Nudes and I’ll get to the wrong first. If you look carefully in the above picture you’ll see that a big proportion of the pot is completely empty! Air bubbles beside, because with a whippy formula it’s to be expected to a very minor degree, that’s a big chunk of what you think you’re getting, er, gone. You can also see that the product is set very low in the pot – the packaging is designed to make you think you’re getting a decent amount of product but when you open it up, it’s far less that it appears on the outside.

Primark PS Nudes Matte Eye Cream

That’s a long old neck on this pot – you can see how far up the jar the product actually goes, holes and all, and also  So, it’s only £2 but I really think that when you think you’re getting a nice pot of eyeshadow when the reality is that you get only a third of what you thought – the rest is packaging designed to fool the eye.

Primark PS Nudes Matte Eye Cream

Here’s the good bit – it’s an astonishingly good product! I am obsessed with this shade (Viva Las Vegas) which is sort of a lavender toned greige (the lavender becomes more obvious in the wearing) and does a rather amazing job of smoothing the eyelid. I have some natural, age-related creasing on my lids which is fine but I’m struck at how ridiculously smooth my lids look with the Matte Eye Cream on them. If you have natural lid creasing you should drop everything and make your way to Primark just to see what happens. If you love MAC Pro Long Wear Paint Pots (which I think the Primark Mattes are based on), you’ll love these.

However, the last isn’t quite as good – it’s not bad at all but I noticed a bit of fade as the day wore on which I corrected by just brushing over a bit more. At £2 I don’t mind this one bit but the other thing is that you can’t really put a lid primer underneath because then you don’t get the same smoothing effect. If  creasing is a non issue and you’re all about the colour, by all means use a primer to get the last. I’m astonished at how good a £2 matte shadow can be – I just wish the brand was a bit more honest with its packaging.

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