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From the dewy look to au naturel, having an even, radiant complexion is what we all want from our makeup products. And, that’s the reason Sulwhasoo has upgraded the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX foundation.

And if you are a keen follower of K-beauty, you might be interested to know that the soft matte finish is currently trending in South Korea. Park Hyun Woo, Sulwhasoo’s global makeup artist was in town recently to share about this new complexion trend.

“The trend now is to have a soft matte look, as opposed to hard matte. There are two looks that are popular with this trend, the Milky look and the Velvet look,” said Park.

The Milky look refers to creating a soft, supple complexion while the Velvet finish is similar to the Milky look but a little more matte.

To help you keep up with this trend are three new products from Sulwhasoo.

The upgraded Perfecting Cushion EX foundation creates a dewy, glowing look by covering blemishes and enveloping skin with moisturising elements derived from Schizophyllum commune, also known as Split Gill Mushroom. The extracts help moisturise the skin to give it a more luminous look.


Park, Sulwhasoo’s global makeup artist, demonstrating how to use the upgraded Perfecting Cushion EX foundation. – WONG LI ZA/The Star

“Featuring a lighter texture, it offers high coverage as well as a hydrating feel to skin,” said Park, as he demonstrated how to use the product on a model.

In addition, the product’s pigment coating dispersion technology helps the formula blend onto the skin.

Designed with plum blossom patterns, the modern and slimmer packaging makes it easy to carry around.

The cushion foundation is also now available in eight shades to cater to different skin tones.

Launched together with the Perfecting Cushion EX is the Powder for Cushion and Multi Cushion Highlighter to enhance your makeup looks. Powder for Cushion is a finishing powder that adds a light finishing touch to your makeup, and helps to maintain a fresh look longer.

Its small particles help reduce the appearance of pores, giving a smoother look. The Powder for Cushion comes with an Airbrush, made with a mixture of wavy and straight bristles for easier application.

Park gave some application tips for the powder. “Use it along the hair line, nose area and also lips to set your foundation,” said Park.

Meanwhile, the Multi Cushion Highlighter is a pearl-based highlighter that can be used as a base to smoothen out skin tones before applying the Perfecting Cushion EX. It also doubles as a spot highlighter after applying the cushion foundation for a luminous and well-defined finish.

“Remember to use the dabbing motion with this highlighter, which makes skin look more radiant. Apply on the triangle zone below your eyes, on your nose bridge, philtrum and also lip area. You can also use it underneath your eyes,” explained Park.

That’s not all, he added, as the highlighter can also be used on the collarbone, the outer edge of your arm along the bone line, and along the leg area below your knees.

“Guys tend to find all that sexy!” said Park, with a laugh.


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