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Whether you were happily scarfing down Po Po’s pineapple tarts or stress binging on love letters while Aunty Mei grilled you about still being single, Chinese New Year (CNY) is indeed a time when most of us tend to indulge a little too much.

Post CNY, you get back on that treadmill, do your time at the gym and notice some great results… at first. Then the nightmare begins.

You continue working out and eating right, but still find that the pestering needle on the judgy weighing scale is just not pointing in the right direction.

Why is that?

Well, the answer could be as simple as changing up your exercise routine.

Plateau problems

When you don’t change your exercise routine, you could end up in this state called plateauing. This plateau, of course, has got nothing to do with any kind of terrain, but is instead linked to your fitness levels.

Daily exercise is good, but when you constantly repeat the same exercises, your body adapts and gets so used to it that you end up burning fewer calories. This is classic plateauing.

When you’re stuck in this stage, you notice decreased or no results at all, which can be extremely frustrating.

Prevent boredom

Another reason to spice up your routine is to prevent boredom.

While it may seem like a trivial matter, boredom can be linked to demotivation, reduced energy levels and a lack of effort when exercising.

For example, a proper sit-up can give you those to-die-for fireman calendar abs, but if you’re bored, you will tend to potong jalan, or cut corners, and focus more on the number of sit-ups, rather than if you’re actually doing the exercise properly.

To spice things up, try variants. Maybe a raised leg crunch, a frog crunch, or even a Russian twist.

Search online for them and see. There are countless variants available and most of them are for free. (Yay!)

Work different muscles

Targeting different muscles is also important. You may think you have done your gym time by doing the usual treadmill, cycling, treadmill, cycling routine, but are you really getting a full body workout?

One way to overcome this is to get a friendly gym instructor to teach you how to use all the different machines (yes, even the scary-looking ones!) and you could end up targeting all sorts of muscles that you never even knew existed.

Your body will thank you for it and you will soon notice the results you were praying for.

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Joining a fitness class could help you break out of your boring exercise routine, as well as help keep you motivated and make new friends.

Protect from overuse

Sticking to the same routine for long periods of time can also strain your muscles and cause injury due to overuse.

Running is great, but if you do the same thing every single day and push the same muscles in the same way, you are asking for trouble.

Your muscles need time to recover from strain and alternating your exercise regime to perhaps include yoga or swimming from time to time could help provide a little downtime and prevent any kind of permanent damage.

Join a class

Another easy way to switch things up is to join a fitness class. The options are limitless; from yoga to Zumba, HIIT to spinning, and if you’re up to it, even boxing!

Fitness classes could be your key to breaking out of your routine. In fact, past research has concluded that synchronised physical activity such as group exercise
classes, could help improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and even encourage you to stick with the program.

It could also be a great way to expand your friend circle or a healthy way to spend time with existing friends.

So, are you ready to switch things up?

Try signing up for GuavaPass and gain access to a whole host of exercise options.

The simple app allows you to pre-book a variety of classes in over 30 gyms (and growing!) in Kuala Lumpur, and for those who like travelling, you can use your
GuavaPass membership in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Beijing and Abu Dhabi.

Membership options in Malaysia start as low as RM89 with many other attractive promotions as well.

To check out the offers by GuavaPass, log on to their website or simply download the app.

This article is brought to you by GuavaPass.

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