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Hey gorgeous gals,

After reviewing the NYX Ombre Lip Duo in the shade ‘Peaches and Cream‘, I have today the shade ‘Poppy and Lily’ from the same line. Why did I pick this shade? Purple! Enough said!

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Review

Price: $12
Product Description:
Dress your pout in two-toned style with our Ombré Lip Duos, the new 2-in-1 lip colors inspired by the ombré trend. Each lip duo features two coordinating shades of lip liner and satiny matte lipstick to create the perfect ombré pout.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily How to Use

My Experience with NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily:

The ombre duo lipstick comes in a twist-up stick form with the darker shade as a thin lip pencil and the brighter shade as a thicker chubby stick. The tube comes packaged in an outer cardboard box which has a sticker seal. Not quite tamper proof but I still appreciate the thought which went into it.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Packaging

The lipstick tube has the colour gradient on it – which makes it easy for one to identify which side is the pencil and which is the lipstick. Also, if you have more than one of these – like I do – the packaging makes it easy for you to identify the shade you want.

The shades Poppy and Lily are variations of purple. The lip liner side is medium to deep, bright purple while the chubby lipstick side has a slightly muted, light to medium purple shade. Both shades are pretty similar in tonality and it’s just the degree of depth which is different. This allows for a more blended ombre effect. Both shades could be used on their own and work well together.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Shade Name

In the FOTD, I have used the lip liner in the outer corners of my lip and to outline the lip. Rest of the portion was filled-in with the lighter chubby stick shade.

The texture is quite consistent across all the shades that I have tried – lightweight and creamy and glides on smoothly. It does not tug or pull on the lips and applies evenly. Post application, it sets to a semi-matte finish which is not at all drying. I have mentioned this in my earlier posts on this product as well – the texture is key to a product like this.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily

You need the product to be creamy enough to be able to blend the two shades together. And yet, you wouldn’t want it to be so creamy that it transfers too easily and the two shades mesh together to create a third one or become undecipherable from each other. You want them to retain their individuality. I feel that NYX did a fantastic job with getting the texture right. The semi-matte texture lets you create the ombre lip perfectly and then it sets – so that the two shades remain as is and the look remains intact.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Lipstick

A point to remember: the lip pencil side – which has the darker shade – has the same texture as the more chubby lipstick. So, it will line the lips and give definition, but being creamy, it will not give as much longevity as a lip liner is required to do. Also, it is easy to break. So, you have to be careful with the liner.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Lip Liner

Pigmentation is excellent. It goes on evenly and covers lip pigmentation well. The burst of colour is bang on – super pigmented and opaque. The pigment does not sink into the fine lines of the lips.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Range Swatch

Lasting Power:  
Even though it applies creamy, it quickly sets a comfortable matte finish. This gives the lipstick excellent longevity. It lasts almost the whole day and does not transfer much unless you have subjected your lips to an oily meal during the course of the day. So, you do get good 7-8 hours wear.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Hand Swatch

There was slight waxy fragrance, which was not discernible while applying. I felt it only when I put my nose to it.

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily FOTD

NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily Lip Swatch

To sum this up for you:

Pros of NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily:

• Lovely shades of purple.
• The duo lets you create the ombre effect perfectly.
• Two shades in one – can be used individually or together.
• Lightweight creamy texture.
• Excellent pigmentation – opaque in a single swipe.
• Comfortable matte finish.
• Easy to work with from the tube.
• The lipsticks applies smoothly – no tug or pull.
• Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips.
• No feathering or bleeding.
• Neat packaging with color-coded sides.
• Very comfortable to wear – no feeling of dryness or clinginess.
• Easy to apply and get clean lines.
• Effective packaging.
• Good wear time.

Cons of NYX Ombre Lip Duo Poppy and Lily:

• The lip liner can break easily.
• The lip liner starts drying out fairly quickly in the tube – I’d say about 9 months tops – post opening the product. So, ensure you finish it up soon.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

I love this product – the thought which has gone into the formula, the packaging and the colours are clearly evident. And the best part is that you can create all sorts of ombre effects with these. Apart from the way I have used it, you can create an ombre from one corner of the lips to the other or from top to down. Yes, it would be more editorial rather than “let’s go to the mall” look but, hey, makeup is supposed to be all about fun. And the best part – if it doesn’t work you can wash it off and begin again.

Totally recommended!

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rati beauty 7 day self makeup course

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