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This review is all about Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E. Let’s see how it fared.

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E Review

Price: €120
Product Description:
• Safety
• On/Off switch with on indicator light
• Control of the heating up of the hair section (settings and warning beeps)
• Sleep mode after 20 mn – Auto shut off after 60mn
• Anti-blocking system
• Perfect and long-lasting results
• Infinite possibilities of styles created effortless and for a long time thanks to this hi-tech professional tool.
• This tool is magic!

• New MaxLife PRO technology
• This new technology makes lighter appliances which feature ultra-low vibration, are silent and have a tremendously longer lifespan against any other styling tools: up to 10 000 hours!
• Ceramic technology
• The Perfect Curling Machine® features a Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curl creation
• Reliability, time & energy savings
• Powerful heating system for:
– Ultra fast heat-up
– Instant recovery to ensure heat stability during use

My Experience with Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E:

Thank you IMBB for sponsoring the product. I love using stylers to create straight hair or curls. This curler comes in a cardboard box – very well packaged. It also has an instruction manual with all required information. I use this tool on properly washed hair. It is stated on the box that hair needs to be washed, dried and also combed well before use. I also spray a heat protection spray all over to avoid hair damage.

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E Packaging

One needs to take small sections of hair for curling to be effective enough. Once the machine is switched on it takes around a minute to get heated up completely. So, I usually switch it on and then apply the heat protector. By then the curler is all heated up and ready to be used. The red light on the machine keeps flashing while the tool is getting prepped/heated. Once the red light is fully on – and stops flashing – we know the curler is ready.

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E Side

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Also, make sure that hair is well combed and there are no tangles. If the hair is tangled, it could lead to hair tangling inside the chamber while the hair is being rolled up. This can be painful. So, well combed hair is a must. There is a clamp where you can place the section of hair and press the shaft. It is marked very clearly on the curler that which way is ‘up’. So, there is no confusion whatsoever.

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E Size

The curler automatically draws the hair in a roll into the circular chamber where it gets heat from all directions. There are 3 settings for temperature: 190 C, 210 C, and 230 C. I use the 210 C since my hair is very thin and delicate. I do not feel my hair being pulled or tugged. There is also a button through which you can tell the machine which side of your hair is being curled – left side or right side. This helps the machine create uniform curls. Or, one can use the auto mode, where the curls will be alternated to create a more natural look.

There is a beeper to indicate when the clamp has to be released. You can release it after 5 beeps for best results. You can also release it before but the curls will not be as strong. I find that this curler is quite bulky and stout. The handle is quite broad and holding it for a long time is not so comfortable. If you have long hair and also thick hair you will need 20 minutes or so to style the hair.

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E Settings

The styler is quite heavier than other similar products. It feels quite heavy especially when you are working on the back of your head. The curls stay well for at least 2 to 3 days. One has to practice a little to hold the machine in the right direction to curl and also one has to get used to the weight. The product also boasts of a long lifetime of about 10,000 hours. That is quite a bit and hope it’s true.

The product also goes into ‘sleep mode’ after 20 minutes automatically and will shut down completely after 60 minutes. This is a useful feature for people who are always late or in a hurry. The best part is that no fingers are burnt as all the heating action happens inside the closed chamber, making the curler safe. Overall, it’s a good curling tool.

Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E How to Use

Pros of Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E:

• 3 different temperatures to choose from
• Beeps at different levels of curls
• Different modes to select the direction of curls
• Automatic switch off after 60 minutes
• Sleep mode after 20 minutes
• Fingers are safe as the curling happens inside the chamber

Cons of Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E:

• Bulky and heavy
• Hair has to be tangle free
• Takes a little longer to get heated up

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E?
I would like to try different and latest products.
Would I Recommend Babyliss Pro MiraCurl The Perfect Curling Machine BAB2665E?
I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for effective long-lasting curls.

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