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Lipstick Queen Blue By You

If you’re too young to remember the denim explosion of the 1970 where even eye shadows were denim blue, never mind the dungarees, no matter. The double denim trend of 2014 is near enough – just lacking the bell bottoms. That’s the inspiration behind Blue By You (bit of a play on Blue Bayou there). Even though Lipstick Queen herself, Poppy King, is no longer behind the brand, I’m thinking that this is so ‘her’ it’s probably one of her final creations for the brand. But, I don’t know it.

Lipstick Queen Blue By You

This brand does colour change lipsticks to perfection – think of Frog Prince for example – and so Blue By You does that thing of looking one colour but becoming a completely different one once on the warmth of your skin. This, like the others, goes to a raspberry pink tint with a dash of sparkle.

Lipstick Queen Blue By You

I love the idea of sitting in a coffee shop, bringing out your blue lipstick to apply (while everyone stares.. because you would.. ) and then it not being blue but a rather vampy blue toned pink. There aren’t many wearable blues, but this is definitely one of them. If you’re thinking about Hello Sailor, the previous blue from Lipstick Queen, this one is different because it’s shimmery. It’s not quite launched yet at SpaceNK, but when it does, it will be £22.

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