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In a show best described as a beautiful marriage of cultures, students and alum of Limkokwing University presented fashion creations combining trendy design with elements of tradition.

The runway extravaganza, which ran alongside London Fashion Week, saw ready-to-wear that were rich with references from Botswana, Swaziland, Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Iran, Indonesia and the Maldives.

The show’s theme “Date Night” alluded to a romantic modern mood between long distance lovers. As such, the design team produced chic, yet seamlessly fun and bold pieces.

“Our collection was created with a special touch of uniqueness to express a feeling of romance and love through costume,” said Limkokwing University’s vice president of brand, creativity and talent development, Datuk Tiffanee Marie Lim.

The journey towards the showcase was apparently challenging, as the team from the Faculty of Fashion and Lifestyle Creativity in Malaysia had to individually scour for fabric and accessories from different parts of the world.

According to Lim, the collection represented Limkokwing University as close-knit collaborators. It also spoke of how well the team worked together and exchanged ideas.

“This showcase was a collaborative effort between our students and staff. We involve our students in these huge projects to show that we know how to build, manage and push any new idea,” she stated.

View the slideshow below for a look at some of the designs.

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