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AN EATERY, which opened its doors this month at 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya, is creating a buzz not only for its mainly plant-based menu (some items do contain dairy and eggs), but also the way the food is ordered and served.

While grEAT is touted as Malaysia’s first automated restaurant, don’t expect robots or vending machine-style food dispensing.

Instead, outside the eatery is a series of glass shelves, and on top of those shelves are monitors that showcase the food served.

Customers can place their orders and pay entirely online by logging onto the WeChat app and placing an order using the restaurant’s account, then pay for their purchase using online banking facilities.

When the food is placed in one of the shelves, the purchaser’s name and picture will show up.

To collect their order, the customer just has to scan the barcode on his/her mobile app at the window, which will then open to allow access to the food.

For those who would rather pay in cash at the counter, they will receive a passcode from the cashier to key in to get their food.

Founder and managing director Tan Yong Jen of idealite, which owns grEAT, said the company plans to open 10 outlets this year all over Malaysia, as well as begin a food delivery service.

Tan added: “The technology is from the US but our company is based in Singapore and Malaysia. The technology is the fun part. You can place your order somewhere, and then come and pick up your food later.”

The app also enables you to inform the outlet that you are running late, or that you are near the vicinity.
Once confirmed you are nearby, your food will be prepared and readied in 10 minutes.

For more, visit the idealite website.

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