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Elizabeth Arden March On Lipstick

Tell me that the Elizabeth Arden March On Lipstick isn’t spectacular! This is one of the most impactful lipsticks I’ve seen for some time and I love the red ‘Red Door’ casing. As you can see, it’s signed by Reese Witherspoon (if you haven’t seen Big Little Lies on Netflix, make it your weekend’s work!) who is ambassador for the brand. Not only is this lipstick sending 100% of proceeds to UN Women (The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) which should see a tidy $500,000 heading their way. So, what does the organization do and why is Elizabeth Arden supporting them?

Elizabeth Arden March On Lipstick

UN Women works on gender equality as a basic human right, but also as a spur to economies and productivity. So, whether its being denied education and health care or under-representation in politics and work places, UN Women work at an advanced level to better the situation. It works across the globe – no society is immune from gender inequality and it can appear in the most subtle ways or in the most brutal and obvious. I guess its about breaking the chains – that cycle of no education meaning no ability to earn and therefore to contribute to the economy of the country you live in and all the ramifications of that, including leaving many women vulnerable to exploitation. It’s a huge thing to attempt to reform and UN Women is an extraordinary organization.

Elizabeth Arden March On Lipstick

Sometimes, women can stand together in the most surprising ways – this way is easy (with a generous outcome) – just buying a lipstick is what you can do, if like most of us, you don’t have ways or time to do more. I’ve seen some very ungenerous campaigns taking place of late but this one could make significant change because the donation potential is big. The lipstick shade is Red Door Red and it’s a pink toned, creamy red. It’s £22 HERE.

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