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AFTER a night out on the town, many may need a remedy for that pounding, unrelenting hangover headache. You know, the kind that makes you want to shut the blinds and wear sunglasses inside to block out the light.

However, paracetamol, as powerful as it is for reducing day-after headaches, is not a recommended remedy. Pharmacists warn that paracetamol is broken down in the liver by the same enzyme as alcohol.

Anyone who drank the night before will not be doing their liver any favours by taking the painkiller.

In forcing the liver to work overtime, paracetamol inhibits the body’s natural ability to filter alcohol out of the system, according to Germany’s Federal Association of Pharmacists.

A better approach to preventing that hangover headache by drinking the odd glass of water or juice spritzer in between when out for drinks. – dpa

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