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Skin type: sensitive

Hello everyone,

In this post, I am sharing my views about Bobbi Brown Blush Brush. I have been using Bobbi Brown brushes for a while and they have immensely impressed me. This time around I picked up their blush brush and here is the review.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush Review

Price: $58
Product Description:
Luxuriously soft bristles and a rounded brush head makes this one of our most popular picks. Blush brush is shaped to deposit the perfect amount of color onto cheeks.

How to Use:
Gently stroke the blush brush over color and lightly tap off excess. Apply to the apples of the cheeks, blending outward and downward toward hairline for the most natural effect.

My Experience with Bobbi Brown Blush Brush:

After using Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush and Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush, I got so habituated and addicted to Bobbi Brown brushes that I could not resist giving Bobbi Brown Blush Brush a try. The brush is sturdy and made of soft bristles, which feel luxurious on the skin.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush Handle

The bristles are firmly and tightly packed in a dome shape, which enables easy and smooth strokes on the cheeks. It has a black and ivory coloured handle made of good quality material. The handle of the brush has been kept long, which enables good grip and smooth application. This brush comes packaged in a very stiff and tight transparent plastic packaging. In fact, it was very difficult to unpack this brush.

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Bobbi Brown Blush Brush Bristles

In the pictures, you will notice that I have not removed the plastic fully from the handle because I do not want it to get damaged. The packaging, otherwise, is travel-friendly but you need to carry the brush in a pouch. I started using this brush as soon as I got it. And, just like other Bobbi Brown brushes, this one too managed to impress me. I have sensitive skin and some brushes do feel harsh or cause irritation on my skin. This one definitely does not.

I have no clue if the bristles are natural or artificial, but they definitely feel soft and smooth on my sensitive skin. I have cleaned this brush with Jane Iredale Botanical Makeup Brush Cleaner . I sprayed the cleaner on the bristles and then wiped it off on a clean, dry tissue. Then I again sprayed some tap water on the bristles using a spray bottle and cleansed the bristles with a dry tissue and kept the brush aside for drying.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush Bristles Close Up

I have also tried cleaning this brush with a makeup removing tissue and this trick works fine too. After cleaning this brush does not change its texture or shed any bristles and it regains its shape after drying. I use this brush for applying powder blushes and sometimes even for applying powder bronzer. In my opinion, this blush brush is quite good and it delivers good results. It enables easy and smooth application of makeup on the cheeks as well as on the other parts of the face.

Pros of Bobbi Brown Blush Brush:

• Luxurious brush.
• Made of soft textured bristles.
• Good quality handle.
• Tightly and firmly packed bristles.
• Applies makeup beautifully.
• A sturdy brush with a long handle.
• Enables easy and smooth application.
• Suitable for sensitive skin.
• Does not irritate my sensitive skin.
• Packaging is travel-friendly.

Cons of Bobbi Brown Blush Brush:

• Price is the only con.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Bobbi Brown Blush Brush?
Yes, I definitely recommend this blush brush to all. It’s a bit costly but worth the price. I may not repurchase it since it’s a good quality brush and will last me quite some time. I may replace it for hygiene reasons.

Thanks and cheers!

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