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Damselfly Candles

New candle obsession alert! I hate to say ‘I’m obsessed by…’ because it’s such a blogger cliche but honestly, I am! This brand is completely new to me – it’s Australian – and while on the surface it looks like it’s all about the slogans (it’s a lot about the slogans – “I hate it when I’m making a milkshake and boys just show up in my yard” – they’re so witty and some have made me laugh out loud) but there is some very serious fragrancing going here that would put many other so called fragranced candle brands to shame.

Damselfly Candles

Humble, With Just A Hint Of Kanye has the most amazing throw, almost from the get-go. It’s a woody, hyacinth and burnt fig kind of vibe – deep, a bit dark and very moody. It made me think of purple velvet curtains for some reason – a kind of lush wrap from the winter weather. I’ve had this burning in my kitchen (I’m working in my office next door – okay the dining room) and I can smell it clearly from the next room. If you like a huge fragrance from your candle, this is it. There is none of that ‘can I smell it.. I think I can smell it… ‘ wondering about Damselfly but I am wondering why it’s taken them so long to get here. I see that SpaceNK doesn’t have the whole range – some of the slogans are probably a little bit edgy (rude) – but they have a decent selection (Wears Black, Loves Dogs, Avoids People) as an introduction to the range. Kanye is £50 HERE which is in line with other luxury candles price wise – this time though I do feel you’re getting your money’s worth (in candle terms), but there is a £40 selection, too.

Damselfly Candles

These are easily the best candles I’ve come across in a very long time – 100% recommend – I want all of them!

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