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Jolee Hydra-Glow Dry Sheet Mask

As predicted, dry masks are beginning to filter through into affordable territory. I absolutely love the Charlotte Tilbury dry mask (HERE) so I was interested to see how the Jolee mask compared. Jolee is a Korean brand – I know that Charlotte Tilbury took her technology from the makers of Nanette de Gaspe (who holds the patents) so either Jolee has done the same or it’s a slightly different technology. These dry touch sheet masks use micro impregnation of ingredients that the heat of your face helps to draw out and yet it stays feeling totally dry while your face feels moisturised. It’s pretty incredible really and a real boon to anyone who feels they have been attacked by the creature from Alien whenever they’re wearing a wet sheet.

Jolee Hydra-Glow Dry Sheet Mask

What I like also is that you can comfortably hook it behind your ears both from the sides and beneath – it doesn’t look elegant (it actually looks like you’re wearing your knickers on your face) but it is efficient at keeping the material in contact with your skin. It also means you can crack on and dry your hair or wander about without fear of it slipping. I don’t think we can say there is anything much natural about this – it’s a long ingredient list starting with stearic acid, shea butter, hydrogenated soybean oil, sorbitol, alcohol, glycerine and so on, but it does definitely leave skin looking glowy and perfected. A bit like you’ve just used a blur cream. You can re-use this three times (you must put it back in the packet and seal it back up) so for a new technology product that works for £12.99 I think it’s pretty good. You can find it HERE.

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