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I am rather new to the concept of using facial oils because I was always sceptical about using oils on my face. I worry about their comedogenic ratings and the general tendency of oils to cause acne. A little internet research and product reviews told me that most face oils are lightweight, have low viscosity and low density. So, I took a leap of faith and bought two face oils. This review is about The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil Review

Price: $22
Product Description:
Radiance and volume in seconds! Our concentrated Mango Seed Oil provides skin with a soft glow and long-lasting volume. Mango seed extract replenishes your skin and keeps it radiant for hours! This line is ideal for dry skin. 40 ml.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil Front

My Experience with The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil:

There are so many face oils and beauty gurus rave about them so much that I feel rather left out since I am new to the scene. Now that I have dabbled with a couple of face oils, I can see why the regular users admire them so much. Most of them, including the one in this post, smell amazing. They are lightweight and spread like a dream. They can be mixed with a matte or high coverage foundation to make its application easier or as a last step in the skin care routine.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil Front

The packaging of this product is amazing. It comes in a 40ml glass bottle – which is not too heavy but still feels high end. It has a dropper on the end which sits snugly in the tiny opening to make sure that oil does not attract dust and remains sterile.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil Packaging

The ingredient list is a little disappointing. The first ingredient or the ingredient with the highest percentage is not an oil, rather a chemical and the second ingredient is argan oil. Argan oil is followed by a bunch of other chemicals and then mango seed oil and canola oil (that sounds weird because canola oil is not used in skin care ingredients). The oil has so far not caused any harm to my skin, so I am a little relieved, but the ingredient list is still not very appealing to me.

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The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil Dropper

The product has a very pleasant mango fragrance and it makes me reach for it often. It is lightweight and easy to spread on the face. Just a couple of drops are enough to cover my face and neck. I have used it as the last step in my skincare routine, have mixed it with my moisturizer and also with my foundation – it has performed well in all the three ways.

Pros of The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil:

• An affordable face oil
• Perfect for first-time users like me
• Comes in a 40ml glass bottle which looks elegant
• Has a dispenser which dispenses the appropriate amount of product
• Very pleasant mango fragrance
• Can be used as the last step in skin care routine
• Can be mixed with a moisturizer or foundation

Cons of The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Radiance Face Oil:

• Unavailability in India
• The ingredient list is not very appealing to me
• Does not appear to have long-lasting skincare benefits

IMBB Rating: 4/5
It is an affordable facial oil and is perfect for first-time users – like me. I will not repurchase it and would continue looking for better options.

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