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Brazilian fashion label Dudalina is offering men and women a sophisticated wardrobe this season. Its latest collection draws from the exotic city of Marrakesh in Morocco, and its vibrant atmosphere of contrasts.

A richness of details, newness in shapes and the inspiration of Marrakesh are present in the newest collection to break the monotony, causing the perfect contrast between the classic and the modern.

The women’s collection surprises with contemporary cuts and styles, ranging from timeless to sporty chic. The shirts are a strong point of the collection, which offers new contemporary designs.

Prints are inspired by the rich flora of the Majorelle Garden, a famed exotic botanical garden and highlight of Marrakesh’s architecture, which are the highlights of the collection.

The different beautiful elements of the city are also incorporated into comfortable and lightweight tops, skirts, dresses and blazers – specially developed for warm temperatures.

For men, Dudalina presents a variety in shirts, ranging from casual linen to denim. In the knitwear, the polo shirts are made with pima cotton (pure Peruvian cotton), adding a rich colour palette and sophistication.

The collection is seen as a perfect fit to the masculine wardrobe, whereby it presents an immaculate style that accompanies a man from work to leisure, as well as day to night.


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