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Youth to the People’s newest superfood-packed formulas deliver the energy shot we all need right now.

If spring has got you jet-lagged and tired, even if you haven’t actually traveled beyond your zip code, we hear you. Blame it on the seasonal time change, which can leave the best of us feeling worn-out — and with the tired eyes and skin to prove it.

In these situations, concealer can only cover up so much. A more lasting solution is to reset your skin with some fast-acting remedies. California-based Youth to People is all about healing ingredients that, as they like to say, combine “superfoods and science.” Similar to how eating better reboots your body, nourishing your complexion with antioxidant-rich ingredients — think kale, spirulina — helps energize your skin. To maximize the benefits (beyond that of typical DIY concoctions), the brand also taps into high-tech compounds, like plumping hyaluronic acid and firming peptides.

The latest hero set proves the power of Youth to the People’s approach. The Kale + Aloe Sunflower Oil Tripeptide 5 eye cream delivers super-emollient sunflower oil, calming aloe and strengthening kale, along with peptides to boost collagen production to give you a well-rested gaze. For the rest of your face, slather on the Spirulina + Microalgae Kale Spinach mask. As the name implies, it’s made with everything you’d put in a Vitamix for a cold-pressed juice. The blend of sea-greens (sprirulina, microalgae) protects you from damaging free radicals in the environment — which can weaken and age your skin — and speeds cell turnover to give you a healthy glow. There’s also hyaluronic acid to trap in moisture and a fortifying mix of vitamins A, C, E and B5. Also great? It works in 10 minutes, so you can spread it on in the morning and look radiant without being late to work. In other words: you can now spring forward with the best of them.

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