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Hello beauties,

As you all know, I am trying different facial kits these days, so this is one from my collection. I got this for my mother last month and while giving her a home facial I liked it so much that I bought one for myself. Let’s see in detail how this worked for me.

VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Review

Price: INR 350
Product Description:
Platinum Facial Kit Cleanses Your Skin And Restores The Natural Balance Of Skin To Keep It Healthy. Based On Highly Advanced Technology, This Revolutionary Facial Kit Contains Platinum Solution Along With Powerful Natural Ingredients Which Provide Super Benefits To You Skin. It Cleanses And Restores The Ideal Moisturize Balance And Revitalizes The Skin Making It Appear Brighter And More Radiant.

Key Ingredients:
1. Platinum
2. Grape Fruit Extract
3. Olive
4. Ginkgo Biloba
5. Punica Granatum Flower Extract
6. Avocado

VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Description

My Experience with VLCC Platinum Facial Kit:

VLCC Platinum kit comes in a cardboard box which contains 6 nicely packed small tubes of 10 gram each. All the ingredients are mentioned on the outer box. The steps to use the kit are mentioned on the box. Let me share my experience in detail.

VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Packaging

Step 1: Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner
VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Toner
Deep cleanse your skin, minimize the pores and make your skin ready for facial.
My views: This cleanser cum toner is white and runny on consistency. It has a perfumed aroma which is quite relaxing. I applied it for 3-4 minutes and massaged it all over my face. It is like a normal cleansing lotion. It did a pretty good job of cleansing the face and removing all the impurities and dirt particles thus making it ready for facial. It did not sting on my skin and face felt really clean.

Step 2: Platinum Scrub
VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Scrub
With colloidal Platinum & Grape Leaf extract that exfoliates, retextures & remove skin impurities.
My views: A gel-based scrub which cleanses the dead skin and gives bright tone to the skin. It is a transparent gel with tiny silver particles. It has a very pleasant and refreshing fragrance. I scrubbed my skin with this one for about 5-7 minutes along with water. The scrub worked perfectly for my skin but some may not like the mild exfoliation. A little scrub is needed for the entire face and neck and it scrubbed off my face pretty well. The dried up and parched skin had gone away. It revealed a very soft layer of the skin and it felt very smooth after rinsing it off. The face looked very bright and looked like the dull layer had gone away.

Step 3: Platinum Gel
VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Gel
Enriched with & Grape Fruit extract enhances skin’s natural defence, makes skin firm & supple.
My views: It is a transparent gel with very tiny silver particles. It is of the perfect gel consistency and spreads for the massage on skin. It also has the same refreshing fragrance as the Platinum scrub has. On messaging for 5 minutes it gets absorbed into my skin easily. The skin was feeling soft and healthy.

Step 4: Platinum Cream
VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Cream
Ultra-rich cream with colloidal Platinum and cocoa butter and Ginseng root extract provides nourishment.
My views: This cream is white in colour and the texture is almost like a cold cream for winters. It looks thick in the tub but is extremely smooth like butter on the skin. The fragrance is aromatic one and while massaging it I was feeling relax because of the fragrance. This is very easy to be massaged on the skin but this is easily absorbed on my skin in just 2 minutes, hence it was necessary to use ice water along with it for the massage to last long enough. I massaged it for 15 minutes. My skin actually started glowing after this massage and the skin felt really fresh I felt there was no need to use the other contents further but I did. Skin felt baby soft and I think it tightened up my skin a little because my face felt tight but not dry. Skin looked more toned too. The discolouration also seemed to disappear for a while.

Step 5: Platinum Pack
VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Pack
Enriched with colloidal Platinum &. Petrea fruit extracts make skin firm & supple, with a radiant glow
My views: This is a thick pack to be applied to the skin hence I had to mix rose water while applying it. It is pure white in colour and smells refreshing. Before applying it I took steam and cleaned up the pores with the blackhead remover tool. I cleaned it up in 15 minutes and could see very fresh and glowing skin. My face looked really different and glowing with the facial effect. It was almost like salon facial. The face pack tightened up my skin a little and it looked glowing and perfect for a wedding function.

Step 6: Oil-Free Moisturising Gel
VLCC Platinum Facial Kit Oil Free Gel
Moisturises your skin, while SPF 15 with PA + protects from harmful UVA & UVB rays.
My views: This moisturiser is lemon yellow in colour and has a fresh floral aroma. It glides smoothly on the skin and does not sting at all, in fact, the skin feels a bit cool on the application.This does not provide any extra effect to the skin just makes it a bit softer.I am not sure about the sun protection factor as I don’t step out in sun after a facial.

Pros of VLCC Platinum Facial Kit:

• Affordable
• All the contents have a pleasant fragrance
• Available everywhere
• Very good for a facial process once in 15 days
• Contents do not give a stinging sensation
• Provides a natural glow which lasts up to 4 days after use
• Makes the skin softer and smoother
• Removes all the dead and dull cells effectively
• Tightens up the skin and makes it look toned

Cons of VLCC Platinum Facial Kit:

• Contains paraben
• Regular usage is needed for long-lasting glow

IMBB Rating: 4 /5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend VLCC Platinum Facial Kit?
Yes, it is the best facial kit from the lot that I have tried recently. I have already ordered one more. The refreshing aroma is cherry on the cake. I love the instant glow it gives to my facial skin. I am recommending it for an instant salon-like glow at home.

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