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Whether you’re into a more casual look or prefer something classic, the Spring/Summer 2018 collection from Moldir has everything from hoodies and sweatshirts to shoulder bags.

The South Korean fashion brand helmed by singer and actor Kim Jae-joong (Jaejoong) who is the art director, sees an update for the existing lines and an introduction of new products.


Ball cap and hoodie from the JJ Birthday Edition series.

Each year, the brand releases a collection called the JJ Birthday Series in honour of Jaejoong’s birthday and it always has the heart emblem logo with 0126 (his birthdate). The 2018 edition comes in the form of a ball cap and zip-up hoodie and comes in black, white and pink plus this year’s colours – ultra violet and lavender.

Eco bag in new colours from the Bornfreeonekiss line.

Another staple, the Bornfreeonekiss line, has eco bags and sweatshirts in pastels and primary colours.

For bags, there are two new styles – the Classic Shoulder Bag and the Bucket Bag.

The new Bucket Bag has interchangeable straps to suit your mood.

The Classic Shoulder Bag with its rounded edges and two-toned colours features a simplicity of design. It’s structured design is in contrast to the Bucket Bag, which is of softer leather and more lightweight. What makes it fun is that you can change the bag straps in different colours to suit your mood or outfit.

For more information visit moldir.com. 

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