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Aging in Reverse

Aging in Reverse


Aging in reverse

When I’m told “I’m too old” I choose to ignore it. You see, I’ve decided to age in REVERSE. Many people “hide” their age, but I pretty much blast it from the roof tops. Why? Because to me, I feel GREAT for 46. I am not ashamed of my age and I don’t feel the need to try and be 20 again. I love progressing towards the best me possible!

I believe in aging in reverse

What does Aging in reverse mean?

Aging in reverse means “improving” and getting BETTER, SMARTER, STRONGER as the years go by. You have more experience, more resources, more trial and error, more practice, more knowledge so WHY NOT?

Why listen to people that put “aging” into such a negative light?

Here is how to embrace aging in reverse:

Eat real food. Stay as CLOSE to natural as possible. Processed food and junk will AGE you and put unnecessary strain on your body. Our bodies were NOT designed to process chemicals, artificial junk and high doses of sugar! Keep it real unprocessing your diet

Eat your veggies and phytonutrients. Vegetables have so many amazing nutrients to help keep you feeling and looking young.  Nobody EVER “got fat” eating too many carrots! 🥕 ‘s
Seriously- don’t get me started here. Load up on those veggies!

Stay active!  Just MOVE! Park further, walk more, play, walk instead of drive, bike to run errands, take the long cut, and keep moving. Quit sitting so dang much!!! (Yup I’m yelling)

Challenge yourself always. Progression with your body as well as your mind is key. You can ALWAYS improve from where you are no matter what your age. Practice, be determined, and move forward!

Try new things and never stop with your goals. Age is not a reason to not go for your goals.
Keep negativity out of your life. If someone causes stress or brings you down there is no reason to engage with them.

Drop the excuses and self imposed stops. FIND SOLUTIONS and progress forward. You are not “too old” it’s not “too late” you are just getting started!

Age backwards. XO Natalie Jill

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Runner’s Diet & Nutrition 👟👟 Best Practices When Training for a Race

Runner’s Diet & Nutrition 👟👟 Best Practices When Training for a Race

“Ready… set… go!!!” Your last supper before running your race is a big bowl of pasta; the next day you prepare with a nutritious breakfast. Maybe you snack on a few power cookies or half a banana 20 minutes before the start.

You’re off to a good start! However, if you want to improve your pace during the race and reach your goal time (or even set a new personal record), you should take diet into consideration in the initial training phase – not just the morning of the race. Your diet throughout the months of training determines your performance in a race.

Researchers from Aalborg University in Denmark found that leisure runners finished a marathon faster when they had prepared a professional nutrition strategy for before and during their race. They focused on an increased liquid and energy intake during the competition and were 10:55 minutes faster on average.

Bottom line:

Make nutrition a priority when training for a race to up your mileage.

Healthy smoothie before race.

Healthy smoothie before race.

Running nutrition BEFORE training for a race

  • Powerful mint
    Add a few mint leaves to your water starting 10 days prior to the race. Mint does not only boost fat burning, but it also gives you more energy.

Mint flavoured water.

Mint flavoured water.

  • Ginger: hot & healthy
    Ginger makes runners even fitter, according to the Central European Journal of Immunology. It keeps endurance athletes’ inflammation scores low, thereby reducing post-training fatigue, and protects against infections.
  • A glass of red beet juice before your run
    The nitrate contained in red beets lowers your muscles’ need for oxygen. As a consequence, the exercise is perceived as less tiring. Plus, it dilates your blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation.
  • Peanut butter for strong muscles
    Peanut butter on bread every now and then during your training phase supports muscle growth in your legs.
  • Magic chia seeds
    A daily dose of chia seeds provides strength and endurance while aiding muscle recovery.

Chia seeds pudding.

Chia seeds pudding.

Running nutrition AFTER training for a race

To really benefit from your training efforts in your next race, you need to also focus on your post-workout nutrition.

  • Stay hydrated
    After you are finished with a training run, drink 300 – 500 ml (or more, depending on duration and intensity) within the first 10 minutes of completion. Homemade isotonic drinks, fruit juice or whey are ideal.
  • Fill up on carbs
    You should eat carbohydrates within an hour after your training. Opt for fast carbs like rice, potatoes or pasta. Even if you do fill up on carbs right after a run, your body needs up to 12 hours to replenish its carb reserves. So, feel free to enjoy pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. also the day after.

Plenty of carbs on the table.

Plenty of carbs on the table.

Recovery, recovery, recovery

Recovery is critical when it comes to improving your performance. It’s important to find a healthy balance between training and recovery to tap into your full potential and boost your performance.

  • Sleep improves your pace
    Sleep is critical in boosting your performance. Both quality and quantity of your sleep are vital for your fitness and your body’s recovery. This ensures that your muscles will be ready for the next run.
  • Care for your muscles
    Every runner can tell you a thing or two about cramped and tense thigh and calf muscles. If you start feeling sore, try these natural remedies against sore muscles. Additionally, give your muscles some love and use a foam roller. You can follow along with Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden in this foam rolling workout video:

[embedded content]

So, it’s not all about your training… To stay fit for your next run & improve your pace, also focus on nutrition and recovery.

Enjoy your next run & give it your all!


Chile's new sexual freedom leads to AIDS spike

Chile's new sexual freedom leads to AIDS spike

SANTIAGO: The winds of change are blowing through Chile where a youthful sexual revolution is shattering taboos – but also sparking an explosion of HIV cases that has set off alarm bells in the traditionally conservative Latin American country.

Chile has the highest rate of HIV cases in the region – some 5,816 new cases were registered last year, a jump of 96% since 2010.

Young people aged 15 to 29 are the most exposed, say authorities, who are poised to unveil a new prevention plan for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

“There has been a change in sexual behavior among young Chileans, linked to new ways of experimenting with their sexuality,” said Claudia Dides of the Miles Corporation, a non-governmental organization that advocates for sexual and reproductive rights.

“It is no longer about feelings or passion, it’s just about hooking up,” said Dr Carlos Beltran, an expert in infectious diseases and member of the commission putting together the new plan.

“Now, young people have sexual encounters,” he says, with many of them blurring the lines between gay and heterosexual relations.

‘Public policy 30 years behind’

This evolution in sexual mores among young people has troubled much of the rest of the largely conservative Chilean society, particularly politicians.

“There is a complete discrepancy between official discourse, and today’s reality: neither the government nor lawmakers want to see this, and public policy is 30 years behind” on this, said Dides.

Sex education disappeared from Chilean high schools about 10 years ago, largely due to opposition by conservative groups.

Among young Chileans aged 15 to 29, 71% say they are sexually active, but only 30% have ever been tested for HIV.

Just 20% know what constitutes risky sexual behavior, according to figures from the National Youth Institute.

And the use of condoms among people aged 15-24 plunged from 30 to 22% between 2016 and 2017, according to figures from the health ministry.

That is largely, experts say, because of a perception that there is little risk.

“The way HIV is seen in society is very different from a few years ago,” said Carlos Passarelli, the representative in Chile for the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

“Young Chileans no longer fear AIDS,” agreed Beltran. “In fact, they are ready to expose themselves voluntarily to the virus by having sexual relations with infected people.”

Living with HIV

Carolina del Real, 37, discovered she was HIV-positive seven years ago, and now devotes her time to teaching people about prevention.

She herself was only diagnosed after a bout of pneumonia left her close to death.

“Nobody thought that I ought to have a test. And me neither. I did not even know what it was called,” she told AFP.

So she decided to share her experience.

“When I came out of the clinic I started telling what had happened to me to my friends, to friends of friends. I needed to tell them: Please take the test. This could happen to you.”

“From day to day everything is normal… But I feel vulnerable,” said del Real, who every evening takes antiretroviral drugs supplied by Chile’s health authorities.

And while young people may no longer fear HIV/AIDS as they once did – prejudice towards carriers of the virus remains entrenched in Chilean society at large.

For del Real, it means she can no longer find a stable job, get credit or take out insurance.

“What happens if I die old and alone? If at 37 a fever leaves me immobilized, how is my old age going to be?” she asked.

“I never imagined that HIV would represent for me the possibility of finding more sense in my life, to make the world a little better that I found it. I transformed my illness into an opportunity but… obviously I would have preferred not to have caught HIV.” — AFP

6 Trend Baju Raya Paling Meletup Tahun 2018!

6 Trend Baju Raya Paling Meletup Tahun 2018!

“Raya dah tak lama dah, baju raya tak beli lagi. Fesyen apa yang tengah trend sekarang eh?”

Hari Raya Aidilfitri bakal menjelang tapi baju raya masih belum dibeli. Pening dan rambang mata juga bila nak pilih lambakan baju raya yang pelbagai fesyen dan warna di pasaran. Jadi, untuk anda yang masih belum beli baju raya dan nak tahu apakah trend paling terkini 2018, jom kita tengok 6 trend baju raya tahun ini yang anda boleh cuba!


Kalau kita lihat di pasaran, makin banyak baju kurung atau baju raya yang menampilkan rekaan kain yang bercorak. Motif bercorak yang menjadi pilihan trend 2018 adalah bercorakkan bunga-bungaan. Nampak lebih sopan dan lembut bagi sesiapa sahaja pemakainya.


Bukan sahaja terkenal pada zaman Saloma, malah rekaan peplum ini masih mendapat tempat di hati ramai wanita zaman sekarang. Mampu untuk kelihatan feminin dan dalam masa yang sama elegen dan ‘classy’, gaya peplum masih menjadi trend untuk baju raya 2018.


Tidak ramai yang akan menggayakan baju raya yang mempunyai taburan manik sebagai corak pada Hari Raya kerana fikir akan kelihatan terlalu eksklusif. Tak salah sebenarnya, trend 2018 membolehkan anda untuk menggayakan baju idaman yang mempunyai rekaan manik yang pelbagai. Nampak meriah sikit.


Buat anda yang suka mengekalkan ciri-ciri tradisional Melayu, masih tidak ketinggalan zaman untuk menggayakan baju kebarung dan kebaya pada hari Lebaran kali ini. Trend yang tidak lapuk ditelan zaman ini mampu untuk menjadikan anda kelihatan ayu dan manis di pagi raya nanti.


Menjadi salah satu trend paling ‘hot’ 2018 adalah mempunyai baju raya berlengan kembang. Bukan sahaja boleh dipakai ketika menyambut Lebaran, malah fesyen baju raya ini boleh juga dipakai pada hari-hari biasa kerana ia kelihatan sedikit kasual.


Fesyen baru raya kimono atau ‘wrap’ ini juga menjadi salah satu trend 2018 untuk koleksi Hari Raya. Kelihatan kasual dan elegan, trend ini juga sesuai untuk dipakai pada hari raya dan majlis-majlis formal. Bukan sahaja kelihatan klasik, anda juga kelihatan eksklusif dan ‘up-to-date’.

*Yang mana satu fesyen baju raya anda tahun ini?

I have always hated my arms

I have always hated my arms

I have always hated my arms. In fact, as a baby I had super chubby arms. I’m not exaggerating. The kind with rolls on them- like the Pillsbury dough boy. For real.

My mom said people used to “comment” on the 9 rolls on my arms (yes there were 9 of them). She told me that people used to stop her on the street and say “that’s a big bruiser of a boy you got there!”

It never mattered that I had a pink bow in my hair (true story- you can ask her if she hasn’t already told you or you can look at the pictures below.

Hating my arms was never-ending.

When I was in the best shape of my life I still hated my arms.
When I was in the worst shape of my life- I hated my arms.
In a tank top – I hated my arms.
In a strapless dress… I hated my arms.

In ANYTHING no matter what… I hated my arms.

It could be 110 degrees outside and I would likely still have had something covering my arms.

You could have told me that you loved my arms and it wouldn’t have mattered.

I hated them.
You know what the funny thing is? You likely have not ever noticed my arms.

You see- WE hyper focus on ridiculous things about US that no one else notices! Everyone does it.

We focus on something ridiculous that no one else notices.

I decided a while back that I would LOVE my arms. Not because they would CHANGE or all of a sudden be totally different but because there is GRATITUDE in what my arms do daily for me. That list is so long.

Focus on what we LOVE not what we hate and everything starts to shift.

xo Natalie Jill

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