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By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 8, 2018 10:25:11 pm

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Anthony Bourdain visited India numerous times and seemed to be quite fond of the desi Indian food. (Source: Anthony Bourdain/ Facebook)

Renowned celebrity chef and globe-totter Anthony Bourdain was also a die heart fan of meat. From tasting food at local hubs to unusual places, Bourdain was a full-time carnivore and often blatantly expressed his dislike for vegetarian or vegan food.

However, the award-winning chef and legendary food writer didn’t mind turning into a vegetarian when he was in India. Although he visited the country just for a week, Bourdain would happily enjoy meals sans meat without any complain, he told Vogue India last year.

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Prior to that, in 2014, during a chat with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his new season of Parts Unknown, Bourdain highlighted what makes Indian food so special for him.

Having enjoyed traditional food in various parts of Punjab, the host said, “India, Punjab in particular I can eat vegetarian food for quite some time without even noticing it. The food is so well prepared, the textures are very colourful and it’s spicy, it’s delicious. India’s vegetarian culture is very old and very rich.”

Watch the video here:

[embedded content]

And if that’s not enough for you to laud, he even boldly busted some myths surrounding the Indian street food. As Anderson expressed his skepticism about the hygiene and culture of street food in India, Bourdain argued, “Indian food won’t kill you.”

Narrating his experience, he said, “Breakfast buffet. It’s a killer.” What’s more, he even destroyed Anderson’s “go to” safe food ‘Spaghetti Bolognese’ calling it more harmful than Indian street food.

Sadly, the famous chef passed away on Friday (June 8) in a hotel room in France, where he was shooting for his show’s latest episode. In a statement released by the show’s network CNN, it was reported that he committed suicide.

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