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ONE of the largest bedding manufacturers in Malaysia, Goodnite Sdn Bhd, is celebrating Parents Day by allowing you to share your love with those who raised you. The promotion is valid while stocks last.

Goodnite Mattress helps Malaysians get a good night’s sleep with its comfortable beds and quality bedding material, which contain the proprietary anti-static StatFree layer that neutralises static electricity.

StatFree makes it possible for the user to be free from static, sleeping problems, headaches, fatigue and sickness. The Love Series Parents Day promotion offers mattresses starting at RM1,999 onwards for a queen size 5ft (1.5m).

Goodnite’s Love Series consists of three ranges with different designs: Forever Love, True Love and Eternal Love.

Forever Love

This mattress has StatFree anti-static fabric, G-latex premium natural latex, five-zone pocket spring system to help decrease motion disturbance and organic foam made with palm oil.

The high-quality natural latex mattress has anti-dust and anti-mite features, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and parasites.

There are five zone pocket spring systems that allow each spring to react individually to your pressure and weight, and provide optimal support for every part of your body.

Luxury and comfort has been redefined with this mattress and it is equipped with the best materials and advanced features, making sleeping a revolutionary experience.

The mattress has a firmness level that is called Luxury Firm, with the queen size measuring 5ft (1.5m) priced at RM4,399, while the king, at 6ft (1.8m), is priced at RM5,199.

Gifts for this purchase include a StatFree topper, two StatFree soft latex pillows, and two StatFree car seats worth up to RM2,522.

Eternal Love

Complete with StatFree anti-static fabric, the Eternal Love mattress is made with G-memory premium memory foam, five-zone pocket spring system and organic foam made with palm oil. It is equipped with the best quality memory foam that will contour your body for pressure-relieving comfort.

Users can enjoy the precision and control that flexes to their unique shape, which helps provide personalised back support, generous freedom of movement and accurate pressure point relief.

The mattress firmness is plush soft. The queen-sized mattress is priced at RM3,399, while the king is RM3,999.

Gifts that come with purchase of this range is worth up to RM1,735 and includes a StatFree topper, and two StatFree memo foam pillows.

True Love

This is a StatFree anti-static fabric, a six-turn DPC system, high-density bio-foam mattress. It is an investment in well-being and comes with Goodnite’s signature spring system, which provides uncompromising sleep.

True Love mattresses provide greater durability than the traditional spring system while delivering back support for undisturbed sleep.

You will wake up feeling refreshed with this firm mattress. The queen size mattress is priced at RM1,999 while the king size mattress is going for RM2,399.

The Love Series product designs are elegant and practical, while StatFree helps you to sleep deeper and wake up fresher. This advanced sleep system allows you to recover from fatigue faster so that you can live life to the fullest.

For details, visit Goodnite at http://goodnite.com.my//, join its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MyGoodnite/ or call the hotline at 03-3250 2218.

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