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Over the years people have turned to Google to look up recipes for “buka puasa” meals, buffets dishes and Hari Raya feasts. Here’s a look at some of Malaysia’s favourite Ramadan dishes, desserts, and Raya cookies during the coming season based on searches on Google Malaysia in the last few years.

Main dish

The main dish is the centrepiece of any given meal, and Malaysians love a hearty, meaty dish. The usual Raya classics like beef rendang remain a staple of local households during this season, but alternatives like spicy tomato chicken (ayam masak merah) and spicy black beef (daging masak hitam) are also recurring favourites.

Malaysia’s top 10 favourite Ramadan-Raya main dish recipes:

1. Spicy tomato chicken
2. Soy sauce chicken
3. Chicken curry
4. Chicken paprik
5. Roasted spiced chicken


6. Beef rendang
7. Roasted chicken
8. Spicy black beef
9. Grilled fish
10. Mango kerabu


There’s always room for dessert after a meal, and this is most definitely true after a long day of fasting. Puddings of many different types are a common sight at Ramadan bazaars, but cakes are just as popular as a dessert option for many in recent years.


Malaysia’s top 10 favourite Ramadan-Raya dessert recipes:

1. Chocolate cake
2. Batik cake
3. Bread pudding
4. Caramel pudding
5. Cheesekut (cheese biscuit)
6. Brownies
7. Marble cake
8. Banana cake
9. Corn pudding
10. Sago gula Melaka

Homemade kuih raya

One may be forgiven for thinking that making kuih Raya at home is no longer a tradition, especially when it has become more convenient to buy them in bulk. This is simply not the case at all – Malaysians are still very much into making their own versions.

google recipe search

London Almond Cookies

Malaysia’s top 10 favourite kuih raya recipes:

1. Nestum cookies
2. Cheese tart
3. Honey cornflakes
4. Chocolate cornflakes
5. Makmur biscuit
6. Semperit Susu
7. Mazola biscuit
8. Sarang Semut
9. Rolled pineapple tart
10. London Almond cookies

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