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This is the second product I bought from this brand – Spongables. Last month, I reviewed an anti-cellulite sponge. Since I enjoyed it, I bought another sponge, except this one is meant for the face. It seems like a good idea to use a reusable face sponge with a face wash in it to scrub face clean and remove all the face impurities. I enjoyed the former product more than the current one.

Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge Packaging

Price: $5.99
Product Description:
Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge is filled with fragrant, skin-rejuvenating face wash to instantly remove dirt and impurities. Infused with Tea Tree Oil to help fight skin blemishes and remove toxins while softening and conditioning your skin. Lasts over 20 washes.

How to Use:
Use every day to nourish, invigorate and revitalize. Thoroughly wet sponge and squeeze to form a creamy lather. Gently massage in a circular motion over the face. Use soft side to cleanse + moisturize and scruffy side to massage + exfoliate. Invigorating textures stimulate circulation.

My Experience with Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge 20+:

This sponge is in the size of a cookie – a very thick cookie. It is lime green in color to complement the fact that it contains tree tea oil. It also comes in the charcoal variant. One flat end of the sponge has a specially-textured exfoliating surface and other end is a little smoother but is still a little more abrasive for the facial skin.

Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge Review

The soap in the sponge contains a high amount of glycerin so it leaves skin smooth and hydrated with a layer of glycerin. This is perfect for skin except for days when I scrub my face for hair removal. A layer of glycerin gives a slip to the skin and prevents epilator from getting a good grip on the hair.

So, when I scrub my skin on the hair removal days, after using the sponge I wash my face with a regular face wash to remove the layer of glycerin and deliberately make my skin dry. I massage my skin with this sponge while lathering it up with warm water. I thoroughly wet sponge and squeeze to form a creamy lather. I do the scrubbing for a good few minutes to open my pores and wash it off with warm water.

Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge Side

This makes my hair softer and easier to remove. This also makes my skin smoother, prevents hair stubble or bruises. I use this product to scrub my face and use its abrasiveness to open my pores and make hair removal process easier. However, this product is not meant for that purpose. It is meant to be a regular face wash in a sponge but the sponge is way too abrasive and is certainly not meant for daily use.

People with very sensitive face skin should avoid it altogether. Another drawback is that does not smell of tea tree oil nor does it give the mild tingly sensation I get while using products that contain tea tree oil.

Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge Top

Pros of Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge 20+:

• Affordable
• Worth a try for those who need to regularly exfoliate their face
• I have used it more than 20 times and it still has soap left in it
• Massages the skin well, exfoliates and gives a smoother appearance
• Has a circular shape and is easy to hold
• Leaves a layer of glycerin on the skin
• Does not dry out the skin
• Preps the skin well for hair removal process
• Can be bought in-store or online

Cons of Spongeables Facial Cleanser in a Sponge 20+:

• The soap will run out after 20-30 regular uses
• Between uses it doesn’t really dry out and remains wet
• Doesn’t have the fragrance of tea tree oil
• This sponge is way too abrasive and is certainly not meant for regular use

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Verdict: I recommend this product only to those who like extreme exfoliation for their face. This product is certainly not meant for daily use or to replace a regular face wash.

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