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Of course it’s tempting to watch the 2018 football World Cup while hanging out at a sports bar or on the sofa. But if you want to get your body into shape (think: summer body), you should break a sweat along with the footballers!

Runtastic Workout: join us and get in shape

5 burpees for an own goal, a few push-ups in between, or brisk jumping jacks at the next red card? The Runtastic Workout decides which bodyweight exercises you have to do during a 2018 World Cup match. You can join in for every match of this year’s World Cup.

World Cup Workout Runtastic

Download the free Runtastic Workout now for the football World Cup.

Our Tip

Get your friends involved – it’ll make the challenge even more fun!

Bodyweight training made easy

You don’t know how to do Russian twists, burpees, etc. properly?

These exercise descriptions from the Runtastic Results app will help:

1) Burpees

[embedded content]

2) Russian Twists

3) Jumping Jacks

4) Push-ups

5) Squats

Looking for more bodyweight workouts or a full 12-week bodyweight training plan? Download the Runtastic Results app!


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