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Ischia, a South Korean cosmeceutical brand has reached Malaysian shores, offering anti-ageing solutions for individuals with sensitive skin.

Ischia skincare products – brought into Malaysia by local skincare company K2 Palm and sold online – are inspired by mineral rich thermal waters of Ischia island.

This volcanic island is situated in Naples, and famed for waters which help nourish, hydrate, and stabilise skin’s natural PH balance. The brand is developed by Daewoo Pharm Korea.

Ischia Korea’s director Eunice Ji says the products are suited for individuals with hypoallergenic skin.

The items are formulated with clinically-tested ingredients and are free of mineral oils, benzophenone and parabens.

“People with sensitive skin have trouble identifying products suited to their skin type as some products leave their skin dry, red and itchy. Our products are gentle yet effective to rejuvenate and restore skin,” said Ji who was in town for the launch of the brand.


Ischia Korea director Eunice Ji (left) with Daewoo Pharma Korea’s Dr Ji Yoon Hoon with Ischia skincare products. Photo: The Star/Sheela Chandran

Ischia’s Miracle Marine Collagen anti-ageing range comprises Cleansing Toner, For Face Eye Cream, Concentrated Eye Cream and Magic Gel mask.

For Face Eye Cream is a mild one-step multi-care cream which can be applied to face, neck and eyes.

Cleansing Toner helps remove water-proof make-up. Just remove make-up with a cotton pad without having to wash the face. It is also mild enough to use around the eye area.

Formulated with French and Spanish patented ingredients to assist in reducing wrinkle formation and darkening of eye circles, the Concentrated Eye Cream helps strengthen skin elasticity.

Its star product is Magic Gel Mask, which contains double-layered hyaluronic acid to moisturise skin.

“The mask contains two types of HLA that penetrate into dermis and epidermis. The gel sticks firmly onto skin to allow moisture to penetrate well into skin. Leave for 20 minutes for best results,” said Ji.

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