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Hello beautiful IMBBians,

I hope you all liked my huge haul from FabIndia some time ago and have read the reviews of Fab India Kesar Chandan Face Wash, FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Cream, and FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub. Today, I am going to review FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Body Lotion for you.

FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan Review

Price: INR 360 for 200 ml

FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan Ingredients

My Experience with FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan:

Well, the summer and the heat grew so much on my nerve that I picked up the whole ‘Kesar and Chandan’ range during my last visit to the FabIndia store. The personal care section in the store looks attractive these days with the beautiful golden cap and white body combination. The FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Body Lotion also has the same packaging as the other body lotions from FabIndia. It comes in an opaque white colored sturdy plastic bottle with a golden colored cap that has a white colored pump.

FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan Packaging

The pump has a transparent cap to prevent dust or dirt from accumulating around the pump. I love the small size of the pump and there is hardly any product wastage during every use. But what is disappointing is that one has to push the pump several times to be able to take out a considerable amount of the product. This may not be practical when one is in a hurry, otherwise I don’t have any complaints here. The bottle has the picture of kesar and chandan which helps distinguish the product from others, just in case you own more than one of these body lotions from FabIndia.

FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan Nozzle

The body lotion is quite similar to the FabIndia Kesar Chandan Face Cream as far as color and fragrance are concerned. It has the same fragrance of sandalwood, which is mild and the color of the cream is light yellowish due to the presence of kesar. The fragrance reminds me of badam milk. The body lotion is, however, thinner in consistency as compared to the face cream and helps in the easy application all over the body and does not require too much of rubbing. The cream is slightly oily which helps in giving the required moisture to the dry skin and get rid of the itchiness.

FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan Swatch

It’s a mild lotion and is suitable for all skin types. I noticed the reduction of the slight pimples with the regular use of this lotion; I had developed these pimples due to heat. Though I am happy with the results I do not think I will pick it up again because I am not fond of its fragrance. Since the lotion has a shelf life of 3 years I will surely finish it off even if I use it occasionally.

Pros of FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan:

• Packaging is simple and travel-friendly
• Hygenic pump with a cap prevents dust and dirt
• Light yellowish orange colored body lotion
• Fresh fragrance of sandalwood
• Lightweight body lotion gets absorbed quickly
• Renders skin soft and supple
• Helps in reduction of pimples
• Economical
• Easily available

Cons of FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan:

• Nothing

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend FabIndia Body Lotion Kesar and Chandan?

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