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The no makeup makeup look has taken the beauty world by storm and it’s hugely popular from fashion runways to editorials.

Why is this simple, barefaced makeup trend so hot? It’s doable and it makes you look like a better, healthier version of yourself.

To help you nail the look two expert Malaysian makeup artists share tips on mastering the look.

“The trickiest part of doing this makeup is not using less products, but more instead to cover blemishes and undereye dark circles so that your complexion looks flawless,” says Ummi Nasir, 32, freelance makeup artist and trainer.

“Most of the time, people may think that makeup products are meant to conceal and hide the flaws of their skin. But actually, they are meant to enhance women’s natural beauty, that is why this no makeup makeup trend is here to stay,” says Venyce Lim, 31, assistant training manager for Mamonde Malaysia.

“This no makeup makeup look suits everyone regardless of skin tone, the trick is in finding the right shades and applying the right amount to make you look fresh and lively,” Lim adds.

For a natural looking complexion Ummi says finding the right foundation is key.

“Instead of relying on swatches of colour on your skin, try applying the sample foundation full face. Leave it on for about an hour then if you see that your face doesn’t look darker or fairer then you’ve found your foundation shade,” Ummi advises.


Getting the look

Ummi (Makeup by Umminasir) has been a makeup artist for five years now. She conducts makeup classes in collaboration with beauty brands, and does makeup for editorials, brides, fashion shows and catalogue photoshoots.

no makeup

“This look is about enhancing your skin to look fresh. People think this is easy to achieve but you need a lot of makeup to cover up blemishes with the aim of showing off great skin. And, it’s a look that is suitable for everyone regardless of skin tone,” Ummi explains.

Many of Ummi’s clients, especially modern brides, want this look and she says it’s more work but the result is a fresh glowy complexion. For editorials and Look Books her clients usually request it to avoid overpowering the dress or item that they are selling. “To achieve this look start with a tinted moisturiser foundation or serum foundation that will give you that healthy glowing skin. Then apply a hydrating primer that will give you that extra glow and staying power.

Ummi’s Top Tips

1. For a perfect canvas, firstly hydrate skin with a tinted moisturiser foundation.

2. Next apply a hydrating primer for extra glow and to help your makeup last longer.

3. To cover blemishes firstly use a corrector (Bobbi Brown Corrector). To correct dark undereye bags use peach for fairer skintone and orange for darker skintone. Always use a corrector before a concealer. If you don’t have a corrector then utilise two concealers, a darker one to correct undertones and then a lighter one to cover.

4. After the corrector, use a concealer (Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer).

5. Next apply a serum foundation (Three Angelic Synthesis Foundation Serum) followed by a foundation (MUFE Ultra HD Perfector Blurring Skin Tint). If you have oily skin use Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

6. For eyes, use a brown or nude eyeshadow to contour just on the crease to make eyes look bigger and awake.

7. Use a mascara to thicken lashes (Lancome Grandiose).

8. To define your eyebrows (FaceShop Designing Eyebrow Pencil) avoid using black as it makes your face look severe. Choose a shade that is one shade lighter than your hair colour.

9. For lips choose a coral or taupe coloured lipstick (MAC Creme Sheen), or if you don’t want a very nude look, then go for a softer pink.

10. For highlighter you can opt for liquid or powder (let liquid foundation dry first). In our humid weather highlighting your entire face may result in streaking, just highlighting cheekbones will do.


Ummi’s Bonus Tips

1. Short of time? Just apply a 2-in1 CC Cream or MUFE HD Perfector all over your face, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blusher and lipstick.

2. For longer lasting makeup use Laura Mercier Translucent Powder or a makeup setting spray as the last step of your makeup routine.

3. Avoid overdoing contouring as you will end up looking harsh. Instead use bronzer. If you’re more tan, choose a coral blusher instead of pink.

Keeping It Natural

Lim has been a makeup artist for five years now and she joined Mamonde Malaysia in June 2017. She is responsible for training beauty advisors, supporting marketing and assessing training development for stakeholders.

no makeup

“The basic rule for the no makeup look is looking simple and natural. The key to achieving this look is vibrant and flawless skin,” says Lim.

“This look uses very natural tones. It’s about applying the right amount of makeup so your skin looks healthy and like you have no makeup on!”

Lim says the no makeup look is not just a trend as it’s a personal preference for some, especially for those who prefer lighter makeup or those who don’t have flawless skin.

Lim’s Top Tips 

1. To prep plump up your skin with proper skincare and moisturiser (Moisture Ceramide Light Cream) followed by a mist (Floral Hydro Face Mist) for longer lasting makeup.

2. Apply a skin tone correcting primer (Color Tone Up Base-Green or Purple) that corrects skin tones and reduces foundation usage. (Green corrects redness and purple corrects yellow/dullness).

3.For brighter complexion choose your Cushion Foundation based on your skin condition. The Brightening Cover Watery Cushion (for normal/dry skin) offers natural coverage while the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion (for combination/oily skin) offers medium to full coverage.

4.Choose an eyebrow colour (Natural Auto Pencil Eyebrow) that matches your hair colour or one tone lighter to appear younger.

5. For eyeliner (Super Long Wear Auto Pencil Slim Liner) choose black for a defined look or brown for a softer look.

6. For this look we will skip the eyeshadow and focus on well-defined eyes. Curl lashes then choose a black mascara (Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara) with volumisation to enhance.

7. For a natural blush effect, choose a coral or peach based blusher (Flower Pop Blusher) and apply on the apples of the cheeks.

8.Choose a lip colour (Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense #21-#25) that matches your lip tone to achieve “My lips but better” trend that is about having the lip shade that matches your natural lip colour.

9.This step is not compulsory but it could be a very important step for the makeup finish depending on your skin type. For oily skin, apply the Cotton Veil Pact powder with a powder puff for a matte finish. For dry skin apply with a powder brush for a soft and natural finish.


Lim’s Bonus Tips

1.For foundation take note of two things: the coverage (sheer, medium or full) and the finish (dewy, semi-matte or matte) to understand which suits your skin. For oily/blemish-prone skin choose the foundation with medium to full coverage and matte finish for a lasting effect. For normal/dry skin choose the foundation with sheer coverage and dewy finish for a natural effect. Try two foundation colours (closest to your skin tone) and apply both on your jawline. The colour closest to your skin tone should be the right shade.

2. Highlighters can be used for this look and applied on the cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge and cupid bow.

3.Short of time? Just apply the cushion foundation, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and face mist.

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