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Normally, when you travel light with family, you still have to fit in at least 2 kinds of shampoos, especially if you are travelling with kids. This shampoo from Alverde will definitely solve the problem as it can be used by everyone.

Alverde Family Shampoo Review

Price: €3 for 300 ml
Product Description:
The soft foam and the fruity-floral scent of mallow and blackberry appeal to all ages. The soap-free recipe with mallow and blackberry extract from certified organic farming cleanses your hair and your scalp very gently. The natural formula with Atlantic sea salt and betaine builds up your hair and gives it the necessary care. Suitable for all hair types. Vegan.

Alverde Family Shampoo Ingredients

My Experience with Alverde Family Shampoo:

The main selling point is that it has no silicones. I have almost switched to silicone-free shampoos nowadays. The consistency of the product is like any other shampoo and it is not too liquidy. It is transparent and looks like a gel. The shampoo smells very pleasant – sweet but mild of berries with a hint of floral notes. I like the fragrance and enjoy using it. The fragrance does not last on the hair after usage, though. All of us at home liked the fragrance.

Alverde Family Shampoo Front

This shampoo comes in a very sturdy packaging. The bottle looks rectangular and the flap lid. The bottle is white in colour with flowers and blackberry photos printed over it. The cap is light green and it’s a flap cap that opens and closes easily. The bottle can stand upside down so that the shampoo is readily available for usage.

Alverde Family Shampoo Back

The packaging is quite different which makes it unique and attractive. The whole packaging is quite sturdy and perfect for travelling. The only problem is that the shampoo has no accompanying conditioner. The bottle looks bigger than other Alverde shampoos. Normally all Alverde shampoos are 200ml but this one is 300ml.

Alverde Family Shampoo Cap

The shampoo foams up very well and rinsing it off is also easy. It does not need a lot of water to wash off either. While rinsing off, the hair feels squeaky clean. The shampoo works very well in getting rid of all dirt and sweat. I once used this shampoo without any conditioner but it was a big mistake. Conditioning is a must after using this shampoo. The shampoo itself does not deliver any kind of nourishing effect to the hair. With the conditioner, the hair looks healthy and strong.

Alverde Family Shampoo Swatch

Pros of Alverde Family Shampoo:

• Vegan.
• Makes hair look healthy.
• Sweet berry and floral fragrance.
• Gluten-free.
• Organic.
• Free of alcohol, silicones and sulphates.
• Lathers well.
• Easy to wash off.
• Packaging is good and very sturdy.
• No added color or fragrance.
• Can be used by the whole family.

Cons of Alverde Family Shampoo:

• No corresponding conditioner.
• Hair feels dry if a conditioner is not used.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Repurchase Alverde Family Shampoo?
I will repurchase it only for travelling and not for everyday use.
Would I Recommend Alverde Family Shampoo?
I would recommend it if you want to travel with just one shampoo for the whole family.

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