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Sephora, the French beauty retail chain store, has just received the Retailer of the Year award at the 2018 World Retail Congress.

If anyone thinks the brick and mortar retailing concept is going of out date just because online retailing is catching on, they can think again.

With the coveted award, it just confirms the desire of many who want to be able to walk into a store to enjoy checking out thousands of beauty products, to talk to a beauty advisor who knows her brand best and be able to test products before making a purchase.

This award is under the premier category in the World Retail Awards which recognises a retailer that the Grand Jury believes to be a truly world-class operator, with outstanding results across a number of important areas.

“Sephora has seen wonderful global growth over the last ten years and now operates in 34 countries with more than 2,500 stores,” says Chris de Lapuente, Sephora Worldwide CEO.

“We are very proud to be named ‘Retailer of the Year’, which confirms that the Sephora concept enjoys appreciation on a global scale. As a brand we win best when we win together and this award recognises and touches all the tens of thousands in the Sephora family who have made us successful all over the world,” he adds.

With retail becoming ever more complex and demanding, the Retailer of the Year award demonstrates that Sephora not only delivers exceptional financial performance and sales growth.

To be an outstanding retailer today, the business reflects how it has adapted to the realities of the digital world by transforming its approach to retail and the way that it is preparing for the future.

If it has international operations, the judges saw that it is also executing this to the highest standards.

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