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Jessica Summer 2018 Collection

I love this colour line up from Jessica for Summer 2018. At £6.85 each for the minis or £11 for the full size, I think they’re good value and there is no questioning the quality – they have plenty of colour saturation and a glossy finish (although glossy finishes, since we discovered quick dry top coats are neither here nor there – who waits for nails to dry these days?!).

Jessica Summer 2018 Collection

Speaking of top coats – is this the best or the worst named top coat ever? I sort of think it’s so bad, it’s good! Maybe someone had an off-day in the naming department (don’t worry I know there’s no such thing) – someone just thought, oh, well, it makes your nails look thick and I’m in a rush now, late for Pilates so er, let’s just go with Thick. I’ve totally picked out my polish for my (brief) holiday over the weekend – Vio-Light above. It’s a light, luminous looking creamy violet shade – not too bright so that any tiny chip will look glaringly obvious but colour enough that it’s impactful. Obviously, I’m putting Thick on top.

Jessica Summer 2018 Collection

Bottom to top on the wheel: Vio-Light, Sahara Sun, Festival Fuchsia, Mojave Desert, Oasis and Flower Crown. You can find them HERE.

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