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June 26, 2018

In Hong Kong, people are warned against taking the over-the-counter digestion supplement called Enzyplex over risk of contamination. The said drug is being examined for presence of fungi after a batch of medication prescribed to a cancer patient in Queen Mary Hospital was reportedly contaminated.

Enzyplex, manufactured by Indonesia-based pharmaceutical company, Medifarma Laboratories is a supplement tablet that aid in digestion.  The medicine is also sold in Macau, Singapore and Indonesia. In Hong Kong, the medicine is supplied to some hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and drug stores.  The drug maker, meanwhile, has reportedly puton hold the sales of the drug for the time being.

William Chui, President of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists also advised against taking the medicine for now, especially the elderlies. The monascus found in the drug may pose risk of infection among immuno-compromised patients. There have been no earlier reported cases of monascus infection in public hospitals over the past five years, according health experts evaluating the case.  According to reports, there are currently around 4,000 patients in public hospitals being prescribed with the drug.

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