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HOMEMAKER and educator Kathrine Philo decided to put down the many tips and tricks she learned the hard way while progressing from cooking simple meals to more complicated ones.

The result is Katy’s Culinary Kitchen, a cookbook filled with quintessential traditional South Indian recipes, and more.

The book was launched last weekend at the Borders bookstore, Gardens, Mid Valley, and was officiated by Irish Ambassador to Malaysia Eamon Hickey.

“I wanted to share all the bittersweet memories of my experiences, and the several helpful tips and shortcuts I acquired over the years,” said Kathrine when asked about the motivation for the book.

“I have shed many tears in the kitchen – some due to frustration and at other times because I never seemed to get any recipe totally right.

“But after much effort, I found to my delight and amazement that with a little imagination, thought, some inspiration (and of course, a lot of sweat), I could actually transform a mediocre dish into an extraordinary one.”

She added that her book was the product of a 12-year labour of love of cooking and writing.

In her book, Kathrine takes the reader by the hand, explaining the basics of cooking her well-curated recipes, as well as revealing how to prepare for big house parties.

Katy’s Culinary Kitchen covers many of the key South Indian recipes, from the familiar mutton paretal, traditional chicken curry, and Hyderabad fried fish, to the seemingly complex stuffed crabs, chicken briyani, and mutton chops.

The book explains in meticulous detail how these recipes should be cooked, which makes it easier for the chef.

Whether you are a seasoned hand at cooking, or a novice trying to find your feet in Indian gastronomy, this book has something for everyone.

Katy’s Culinary Kitchen (RM56.90 ) is available at Borders at Gardens, Mid Valley.

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