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Written by Damini Ralleigh | New Delhi | Published: July 27, 2018 12:21:21 am

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Interiors of You Mee

For those who, as children, dozed off with a Manga book clutched in their hands, a visit to the four-month-old You Mee in Greater Kailash II might be imperative, as the restaurant pegs itself as one inspired by the Japanese comics. And for those who weren’t smitten with graphic novels, the restaurant could serve to quench nostalgia for something you haven’t quite lived. Either way, this cosy 10-seater throws up dishes that have not only featured in Manga comics but have, at times, been the narrative’s prime movers: ramen, gyoza, dim sums, sushi and robata.

The restaurant asserts its tilt with hand-drawn Manga icons occupying one of its walls. At another end is their open kitchen where the “sushi master” works tirelessly to fill, well, the sushi case. So, the place evokes The Far East in both food and art, presenting itself as a confluence of cooking and culture.

In the menu, straight up sushi — maki and nigiri — contests with another of Delhi’s lunchtime favourites — sushi rolls. The You Mee sushi roll platter carries 12 pieces in three varieties. So, Godzilla rolls (salmon, avocado, cucumber, crisp tanuki flakes and tuna) share space with Prawn Tempura rolls (ebi, tempura, crab, cucumber, mayo, ikura roe and onion pickle) and Boston rolls (scallop, crab stick, cucumber and salmon), with the standard sides of wasabi and gari. These are explosive mouthfuls but their flaccid form, yielding to the slightest touch, puts the skills of the chefs to question.

delhi restaurants, indian expresss food review, greater kailash, gk new eatery, manga comics, greater kailash 2, manga comics restaurant

Sushi platter served at the restaurant

While the drinks menu seems enticing, replete with an impressive selection of teas, frappes and shakes, their arrival at the table reveals another story. The Chili Romance, meant to be both fruity and spicy, courtesy red and white peppercorns, was insipid and the Lychee and Basil Quencher, ordered to drown out the disappointment caused by Chili Romance, doesn’t set the pulse racing either. Their assortment of dim sums is remarkable. The mellow tones of the Edamame and Truffle Dim Sums work just as well as the Gyoza Chicken, pan seared chicken dumplings served with a fiery Shanghai sauce.

The Invincible Tantan Ramen — a light chicken broth with roasted sliced pork along with pork mince, garlic, chillies, sesame, onions, cilantro and “healthy purple” noodles is, as it claims, unbeatable, but only in comparison to the rest of the menu.

For the price, You Mee’s offerings may seem like a well-struck deal. But, for a restaurant that hinges on the cult status of Manga comics, the stories cooked up in its kitchen lack drama, mystery and romance.

Meal for two: Rs 3,000 approx
Address: M-27, GF, Greater Kailash II

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