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Merbliss Wedding Dress Tissue Mask

Much as I’m not keen on a sheet mask, I ordered this after my travelling friend Tamara sent me a picture of it from one of her far flung trips. It was the strange name that attracted me but also the fact that it’s a next generation sheet in terms of texture.

Merbliss Wedding Dress Tissue Mask

It comes in the sachet attached to a plastic/paper cut out and that’s because the mask itself is so thin and fine it wouldn’t be able to hold any shape on its own. The brand Merbliss specialised in ‘occasion’ beauty, hence the name.

Merbliss Wedding Dress Tissue Mask

The difference with these ultra-fine tissue masks and regular sheets is that because they’re paper thin, they do mold to the face better and also don’t feel quite as clammy and claustrophobic. I mean, this is infused with serum so it’s wet as anything, but it warms up on the skin more quickly. The name Merbliss, by the way, stands for May Everyday Remain Bliss, which is rather sweet. I got mine from Ebay for £4 HERE.

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