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6 tips to stay healthy in an office environment

6 tips to stay healthy in an office environment

July 31, 2018

The office is not always the healthiest of environments in which you can work, especially if your work requires you to be at your desk all day.

Even if you exercise in the morning or after work, it’s important that you don’t do anything that might jeopardise your health during the day.

We have six tips to help you stay in top shape even while working a 9-5 job in the office.

Eat breakfast

Most people make a cup of coffee at the office before starting work, but make sure you couple the coffee with a healthy breakfast dish.

A healthy breakfast is important because it provides us with energy and is a source of nutrients. Another benefit of breakfast is that it kickstarts your metabolism.

So, before you start working, make sure you eat a good nutritious breakfast. You can even store your cereals in your office cupboard or drawer, to avoid having to skip breakfast because you didn’t get time to eat at home.

Pack your own lunch

Avoid the temptation of buying lunch at work and pack your own lunch from home.

Make sure you pack something that is filling and nutritious to avoid eating unhealthily or having to buy more food at the office.

Also, remember to eat lunch away from your desk. Eating at your desk means that you are multi-tasking and might not pay attention to your meal. For you to make the most of your lunch and your lunchtime, it’s advisable that you move away from your desk and eat at a designated lunch area. Lunch away from your desk also has the added benefit of actually giving you a work break. You’ll return feeling rested and ready to tackle the afternoon workload.

Take regular walks 
Walking has a lot of health benefits and it’s a great way to exercise.

Why not make your lunch break a time to take walks around your office area? Get a colleague to join you and make it a fun exercise.

If you don’t feel like walking outside, you can even walk to the kitchen to make coffee or tea or get a glass of water. Just make sure you do not sit in your chair all day.

Pack healthy snacks

Beware the temptation of vending machine and tuck shop snacks. Next time you go grocery shopping, packs a few healthy snacks into the trolley and keep these in your drawer or on your desk. Options include things like nuts, popcorn, crackers and fruit.

Packing your own snacks will help you save money and you’ll be eating healthier.

Drink lots of water

Always have a glass of water on your desk and drink as much as you can.

Sometimes dehydration can be mistaken for hunger, so the more hydrated you are, the less likely you are to overeat.
Water also has many health benefits. It helps flush out toxins, boosts the immune system and helps with weight management.

So, fill up and stay healthy!

Workout from your desk

There are great short workouts that you can do from your office desk.

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Harnn Oriental Rose Revitalizing Shampoo Review

Harnn Oriental Rose Revitalizing Shampoo Review

Hi everyone,

This is my first experience with Harnn, which is a luxury spa, skin and hair care brand. I am surprisingly impressed with the brand and its products. Read on to know how ‘Harnn Oriental Rose Revitalizing Shampoo’ performed.

Harnn Oriental Rose Revitalizing Shampoo Review

These entrepreneurs invented a futuristic ‘magic mirror’ to take on the bathroom scale — and investors say its groundbreaking tech could transform the future of fitness

These entrepreneurs invented a futuristic ‘magic mirror’ to take on the bathroom scale — and investors say its groundbreaking tech could transform the future of fitness

Naked Labs
  • California-based startup Naked Labs just unveiled its flagship product: a high-tech mirror and scale that delivers precise information on your body including weight, height, BMI, and measurements.
  • Naked Labs also closed a $14 million funding round led by Founders Fund which included investments from NEA, Lumia, and early Uber and SpaceX investor Cyan Banister.
  • Naked Lab’s co-founder Ed Sclater says he has ambitions for his product’s tech in the fields of retail, medical care, and more.

For Ed Sclater, co-founder of Northern California-based startup Naked Labs, climbing onto the scale isn’t just an age-old, necessary but often depressing bathroom ritual; it’s an approach to health and fitness that’s potentially damaging.

“If you get on a traditional scale, you get a single number – your weight,” said Sclater. “The problem is that if you work out, you’re going to be losing fat and gaining muscle, but the scale will keep telling you that you’ve made zero progress. If you’re trying to get in better shape, that information is absolutely damaging.”

For years, Sclater and his team at Naked Labs have been creating a futuristic mirror that can deliver detailed information about your health including your weight, body mass index, and body measurements (the circumference of your left bicep or the length of your legs, for instance). The product they’ve created is a sleek 3D body scanner that’s the antithesis of the dusty scale hiding beneath your bathroom sink.

To use Naked’s body scanner, you climb atop a scale that then rotates in front of a slim, tech-equipped mirror. In a few short minutes, information is sent to your phone through Naked’s app that delivers not only precise information on your physical health and its progress over time (metrics including lean mass, fat mass, and body fat percentage are all included), but an animated prototype of your body as well.

Naked Lab's smartphone-paired technology delivers precise data on your body.

Naked Lab’s smartphone-paired technology delivers precise data on your body.
Naked Labs

With its product reveal, Naked Labs has closed in on a cash infusion from Founders Fund, NEA, Lumia Capital, Venture 51, and Seabed VC. Founders Fund partner Cyan Banister, who’s made early bets on companies like Uber and SpaceX, led Naked Lab’ s $14 million round and committed some of her own money to the team, as well.

“That’s how bullish I am on this product,” Banister told Business Insider. “I invested personally in it. It’s a very futuristic product. For people who have never had access to something like this before, it’s like magic.”

Banister said that she believes that Naked Lab’s product has the potential to not only transform the fitness industry, but to inspire a new wave in fitness-oriented social media.

“I believe that people will share these images and data to social,” Banister said. “The social behavior behind this will be amazing.”

But Naked’s technology isn’t just relegated to the world of fitness: The applications for Naked Lab’s body scanning technology are seemingly limitless, said Sclater.

Naked Labs co-founder Ed Sclater says that the applications of Naked technology could be used in numerous fields including retail, automation, and medicine.

Naked Labs co-founder Ed Sclater says that the applications of Naked technology could be used in numerous fields including retail, automation, and medicine.
Naked Labs

Already in the works are plans to pair Naked’s data with fashion retailers to create an online world where your virtual avatar can shop for outfits fitted precisely to your measurements.

“Our biggest problem is figuring out what not to do,” Sclater said. “We have opportunities in the gym space, the medical space, the insurance space where companies are moving from reactive to proactive care. We’re interested in working with anyone who wants to customize the world for your body.”

This could be anything from bespoke furniture – tables and chairs made exactly with your body’s measurements in mind, for instance – to automative technology, which could use the company’s data to adjust rearview mirrors and seats to a driver’s optimal safety.

For now, Naked’s product, with a retail price of $1,395 (along with $100 in shipping) is something of a luxury item. Naked’s team says they hope to pare the price down in the future so that it appeals to wider consumer markets, but for now, you might see Naked’s scanner popping up at gym or health centers.

“Just about every gym under the sun has contacted us,” said Sclater. “We’re interested in how a partnership might work – and similarly with doctor offices and other medical institutions. We’re definitely exploring the path of making the scanners available to people who can’t afford them.”

Our Favorite Products: July 2018 Edition

Our Favorite Products: July 2018 Edition

Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature in which ITG’s editors discuss our favorite products. They’re the best things we’ve tried all month long, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized before we have the opportunity to get sick of them and move on to something new. We’ve been sweating–more than a little. So here’s everything that kept us cool, kept us calm, kept us collected. It’s super chill on ITG these days.

Fragrance is my favorite beauty product (besides blush—here’s to Cloud Paint in Storm giving me the appearance of life right now), so my challenge has always been how to travel with it well. I refuse to risk a shattered 50ml bottle just to smell the way I do at home while on vacation. Problem solved when I found out that a travel-sized version of Frederic Malle’s perfection of a perfume fits into this travel case. I got it in red. And I just turned on my Vacation Autoresponder. —Anna Stevenett

Guys, I’m so happy to tell you: I’m doing great. Better than ever. My personal relationships are productive, my online shopping skills have much improved, and I’m all aboard that Retin-A train like it’s nobody’s business. Wow, what an invention. Shani Darden was right—retinol can seriously cure you of all ills. And while my prescription Tretinoin 0.025% has replaced all of my spot treatments, masks, toners, and exfoliation, I do like to add a nice light layer of moisture on top of that at night. Right now, Renée Rouleau’s Redness Care Serum is doing me proud. It alleviates any of the irritation from the retinol and calms the residual redness I have from zits long dead and gone. Ashley was also right—you don’t always need a face lotion to feel moisturized. —Emily Ferber

Sometimes I murder my skin a bit: clay masks, scrubs, going too hard on the Foreo, popping too many pimples. It’s just part of my life, until I muster up some self control. As a response, I look for calming products. It took me a while to find this mask, which I love. Joanna Vargas used it on me once, that’s how I was introduced. First of all, it feels so, so nice. Afterwards, redness is reduced, itchy reactive-ness totally calmed. And I like that an ingredient used to heal cuts and wounds is also helping perfect my skin. —Tom Newton

I packed this ahead of a three-day bachelorette party in the Catskills. Bold move. I’d never used it before, and a half-day hike was on my weekend itinerary. I am, if anything, adventurous—in both matters of leisure activities and personal odor. Anyway, this is your average, run-of-the-mill antiperspirant. Except, French. The deodorant is actually a liquid, and you roll in into your pits kind of like a chubby rollerball fragrance vial. It checks out, and it kept me dry and not stinky. It’s not a fancy show pony deodorant…thank God. —Ashley Weatherford

This month, I crawled my way back to tretinoin! On the nights I don’t use it, I’ve been testing a couple new chemical exfoliators—oh, and I’m trying a new toner. The result of all these additions into my life? Clearer, but stressed skin that’s left my face kind of greasy. Past experiments let me know that it was only a matter of time before my skin broke out in revenge, so I slowed down and picked up Stratia Liquid Gold. The bright yellow serum-oil is extreeemely fascinating to me. But using it in the mornings has really helped my skin recalibrate. After applying all my serums, I top if off with this, skip a moisturizer, and at the end of the day, my skin feels a lot more balanced. —Utibe Mbagwu

I’m pretty new to the filling-in of my eyebrows, but this pencil has me really excited to start doing it. It’s the only pencil I’ve used that doesn’t look fake; the tip is super fine and, I guess…dry? It literally just looks like little brow hairs. Plus it doesn’t smudge. I use Boy Brow in Brown on top. And then I go get a little shape + tint once a month at the Tenoverten in the Financial District. New me! —AS

Until recently, I was not a fan of this whole “the scrunchie is back” trend. Maybe it’s the terminology? Scrunchie isn’t really the pinnacle of the English language. Hair clouds, on the other hand—now that’s a nice term. They’re the brilliant brainchild of some artsy Danes (not surprising) and they are airy and gorgeous and chic. I must have one. Problem is, they’re $150—and in Denmark. So the Donni Silk Chiquita will do for now. It comes in a zillion colors but Dusty Rose goes with my summer palette. —EF

Addicted to these. I’m a newly obsessed Paula’s Choice fan. Not yet subscribing to the entire philosophy but digging my toes in deep. I’ve been using this right after toner on wet skin as a super light moisturizer, sometimes mixing with other light serums. It’s incredible. Just the amount I need for a little glow but no grease. The texture is aloe vera-like, and it spreads so nicely. —TN

A lot of people ask me what kind of product I would call Dr. Sturm’s Glow Drops (I have been talking about them…a lot). It’s not really skincare, and it’s only kind of like makeup. That’s just to say that it’s very subtle—and, apparently, good for my skin, too. There are some antioxidants in it that speak to that—vitamin C (to glow, duh), and vitamin B (to make my skin look a little smoother)—and micro glints of silica to really really make my skin glow. I mix it with my hyaluronic serum every morning and I look…healthy. And radiant, but like I’m not trying to look radiant. Natural, you know? —AW

You guys chose this for me. Truly, there was a time when Into The Gloss’ Instagram account got a DM every other day tagging us and praising this sheet mask. So I tried it, and as you would guess, it’s soothing, plumping, and perfect to wear as you attempt to complete banal yet formidable tasks, like making a pot of Carla’s shrimp scampi. It’s pretty cool that a sheet mask has such powerhouse ingredients, like EGF and snail mucin. The verdict is still out on how much it’s improving my skin’s texture, but I love how it makes my skin a really nice, fortified canvas for the other stuff I pile on it at night. —UM

Photographed by Tom Newton.

Mushroom-infused coffee is now a thing; is it worth the hype?

Mushroom-infused coffee is now a thing; is it worth the hype?

By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 31, 2018 6:01:52 pm

Mushroom-infused coffee, stroganoff, pastas, pizzas, coffee, mushroom benefits, advantages of eating mushrooms, indian express, indian express news

Mushroom coffee is low on caffeine. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

If you are a procaffinator and an avid Instagrammer, then you have probably came across posts of mushroom-infused coffee on your Insta feed. Yes, mushrooms, usually associated with stroganoff, pastas and pizzas are having a glorified moment – in coffee. Not like you can grab a handful and plop them in your drink, there’s more to it. Available in powdered form, it is just regular coffee blended with medicinal mushroom extracts, which boasts of a number of health benefits.

Now, mushrooms have been an integral part of Chinese medicine for almost 2000 years, but coffee drinkers have only recently woken up to it. According to the US-based company Four Sigmatic, who produces a variety of these caffeinated drinks, mushroom coffee infused with lion’s mane should be consumed between ‘6 am to 4 pm to support focus, creativity, memory, concentration, and brain health.’ Their other product with mushroom and green coffee beans helps support a steady glycemic balance, improved digestive system, and enhanced metabolism.

Even though it’s the hottest trend right now, the question that you need to ask yourself is: ‘Do I really need to go there?’. Before you jump into the bandwagon or simply dismiss it as a fad, here’s what you should know.

How is it beneficial?

* Mushrooms are known for their immunity-boosting and antioxidant-rich properties.

* Mushrooms are a rich source of vitamins and minerals like selenium, potassium and copper. It also contains calcium that helps maintain healthy bones and prevents joint complications.

* Mushroom coffee is less acidic than regular coffee and is good for people with sensitive stomachs.

* For those who are thinking of losing weight, mushroom coffee is a great option as it contains no cholesterol and fat.

* Mushroom coffee is low on caffeine.

* Being fat-free, mushrooms are also good for patients with diabetes and blood pressure level. It also promotes healthy hair growth and keeps eliminates acne and other skin-related problems.

* For those who are thinking of losing weight, mushroom-infused tea is a great option as it contains no cholesterol and fat.

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