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THE Grand Harbour Restaurant in Da Men Mall, USJ, utilises authentic cooking preparations methods to give its classic dishes the comforting yet delicate and exquisite taste that many are familiar with – all possible only with the use of premium ingredients.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, everything from succulent roasted meat, heart-warming soups, flavoursome braised specialities, stir-fried and fresh seafood, to an extensive menu of classic dim sums that will leave your senses tingling for more.

Dim sum can be directly translated from Cantonese to ‘touch the heart’, meaning food that warms the heart and satisfies the palate.

Therefore, when it comes to group dining, dim sum is a no-brainer, fuss-free dining option fit for all occasions.

This popular Cantonese cuisine can be prepared by steaming or frying, among other methods. After that, it is served in either small bamboo steamer baskets, or on small plates, often in servings of three pieces each for every dish.

Because of the delicate bite-sized portions, it is best to order plenty of sharing dishes among all members of the dining party, so that everyone gets to try a wide variety of food.

Some of the savoury classics include the Hong Kong-style steamed custard bun, xiao long bao, shrimp dumplings, egg tarts, deep fried yam puff, crystal scallop dumplings and the list goes on.

But it is the more creatively-crafted morsels that truly caught my attention. They were just as appealing to my eyes as they were to my appetite. I wondered, was I supposed to take a photo of it, or eat it? I did both.

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