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Becca Skin Love

Well, Becca certainly has a lot going on right now. There’s a major legal tangle going on between Becca and Morphe with Jaclyn Hill right in the middle. YouTuber Beauty Sleuth has all the information HERE, but to cut a very long story short (thanks to @amiravah27 for flagging), the hoo-ha is based around supposed packaging design infringements. First, Becca was suing Morphe and now it seems to be the other way around. It’s a rabbit-hole I don’t want to fall into – the story is long and convoluted – so if you are interested, I suggest that you make a cup of something, settle down for 20 minutes and watch the link. Otherwise, let me introduce you to the Becca Skin Love collection, comprising an elixir, blur foundation in 24 shades (I don’t have it here) and an impressive glow stick.

Becca Skin Love

The Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick is a welcome change from ordinary highlighters. It blends hydration and glow so you get an almost wet-look (not oily) sheen on your skin that’s part glaze and part glow. Hydration comes from avocado oil although now I’m thinking about it, I’m wondering why you’d want to glow somewhere that needs hydration. Hmm. The two aren’t necessarily compatible. However, I do like the wet-sheen aspect of it – very pretty if perhaps more for Instagram than real life. The glow shade is a light champagne-type shade and it’s £24.

Becca Skin Love

The Glow Elixir, despite it’s iridescence in the bottle, is less of a quick fix. It’s both smoothing and moisturising (thank you hyaluronic!) in the first instance, with the supposed benefits of clarity and brightness coming after onger term use. It’s really a beautiful looking product (although – big box, small product alert) and feels really nourishing and silkening on the skin. It’s also got a faint scent of melon which personally I find delicious. Ingredients listed include blueberries, cranberries, honey, molasses and algae. It’s £34.

Becca Skin Love

The above picture gives you an idea of the glow. And also please excuse that horrible little bruise – I was carrying a box and the lid slammed shut trapping a tiny bit of skin. It was ouch! If you like the idea of either of these new Becca offerings, they’re HERE.

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