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Three lovely Malaysian hosts who are beautiful inside out show that hard work, professionalism and being well-groomed helped them find success in what they do.

They are the voices that boom from a microphone, the ones who are responsible for controlling an event and ensuring that it runs without a hitch.

Emcees or masters of ceremonies are an integral part of an event whether it’s a signing ceremony, a new product launch, a fashion or beauty event or a high level Government event.

They are the ones clients depend on in representing their brands well and it takes more than someone who’s confident, well-prepared and knowledgeable. It takes intuition, an ability to think on her feet and someone who is polished.

We talked to three dynamic Malaysian female emcees on how they got started, the challenges and how being well-groomed is the icing on the cake of being a successful emcee.

Malaysian emcees

Photo: Tamil Vaani Karunanithy PPN

Tamil Vaani Karunanithy PPN

Part-time professional emcee and full-time teacher, Tamil Vaani Karunanithy PPN, was a champion orator herself while schooling where she won many prizes in public speaking.

“I was quite active in oratory competitions and at 13, I started doing emcee jobs for temples and school events,” says Tamil Vaani, 37, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Linguistic from UM and teaches at a government school.

She hosts in Tamil, was trained by RTM and also underwent emcee training under the Ministry of Education.

“When I was 20, I was insecure being dark skinned and plump, and was worried about succeeding in life. I wanted to use my speaking abilities and applied for jobs in television but I was rejected because of my skin colour and it was disappointing,” she recalls.

Over time she learnt to embrace her individuality and her oratory talent, and she’s been swamped with emceeing gigs for government and corporate clients.

She says one of the biggest challenges is to not show any innter turmoil on stage, but she’s lucky as she doesn’t get nervous. She also said she’s learnt from experience to liaise with only one person on the job to avoid miscommunication and her favourite part is interacting with people she meets.

Your signature look? 

One is a classical traditional look where I wear a sari with hair ornaments, while the other is modern traditional and a formal suited up look for corporate events.

Are you a makeup lover?

I love makeup and I learnt tips through my sister who does bridal makeup and also from Instagram. Over the years I found that I’m the best makeup artist for myself as most makeup artists didn’t know how to handle my darker skin tone!

When was the first time you wore makeup? 

I was an emcee at the age of 13 for a oratory speech competition and my mum applied lipstick and eyeliner for me, while my dad bought a black jacket and skirt for me­­­­ that I’ve kept till today!

What’s in your makeup bag? 

Sephora loose powder, Elianto lipstick, MAC eyeshadow, MAC eyelash, MAC eyeliner, Victoria Jackson Glow powder and Crylon traditional Indian foundation.

What beauty treatments do you do? 

Every evening I apply green bean powder and a tomato mask to my skin for brightening purposes. Just before a big event, I usually get a 24K gold facial that makes my skin glow. I wake up at 4.30am to meditate, followed by yoga, return to sleep at 5.15am and then wake up again at 6am for work.

Tell us about a beauty mishap. 

During an event where I was acting and hosting, I was painted in white makeup to make me look fair for the role of a fair woman that I was playing. I endured two hours of painting and then while on stage they realised that they forgot to paint my leg! Even my father couldn’t recognise me. I had to use oil and an hour of showering to remove the paint! I’ve learnt to love my skin colour and embrace who I am.

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