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Need a gentle solution for troubled skin? Medicube, a derma-cosmetic skincare brand from South Korea is now available in Malaysia. It offers consumers gentle skin solutions ideal for daily use and is clinically tested as safe for sensitive skin.

Medicube – available at selected Guardian stores nationwide – offers 12 skincare products from the Medicube’s Red Line targeting troubled and sensitive skin. One of the highlights in the range is its best seller the Red Foam Cleanser – which is a gentle yet powerful deep cleansing face wash for all skin types including sensitive skin. Its soft texture is ideal for everyday use.

The range also features the Red Erasing Cream skincare which helps brightens skin and reverse signs of sun ageing by strengthening the skin barrier and helping dark spots, acne scars and fine lines fade, and nourishes skin.


A Medicube best seller is the Red Foam Cleanser which is a gentle yet powerful deep cleansing face wash for all skin types.

“We understand that having problematic skin not only damages the appearance of the skin, but also one’s self-esteem. As a friendly derma-cosmetic brand, we want to offer the best effective solution for troubled or irritated skin to become healthy and radiant again,” said Sunga Yi, brand manager of Medicube’s Global Business Department.

Founded in July 2016, Medicube is a new and innovative derma-cosmetic skincare brand which ensures quality and efficacy in its products through ingredients as well as innovation. This is achieved through expert research and collaboration with dermatologists.

Medicube also owns two dermatology clinics “Medicube Clinic”, including one in Gangnam, Seoul, to offer professional and systematic skin treatment exclusively with Medicube products.

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