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The best women’s workout clothes you can buy

The best women’s workout clothes you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

best workout clothes women

Sweaty Betty/Business Insider
  • With the right clothes, you’ll actually want to get to the gym and show off your style before meeting friends for a much-deserved drink afterward.
  • Sweaty Betty makes our favorite workout gear for women that’s as functional as it is fashion-forward.

Faking it until you make it becomes a lot easier when you look the part. So when it comes to feigning enjoyment at the gym, you’re going to need some gear to get yourself in character. Luckily, there are plenty of options these days to help you look as though you’re ready for the toughest kickboxing session, because who better to motivate you than the person staring back at you in the mirror?

One of our favorite aspects of today’s workout gear for women is that it’s no longer relegated to the spinning studio or the weight room. Rather, some of our favorite options will take you from barre class to the neighborhood bar, and have the technology to ensure that you don’t have to worry about sweat stains or smells when you make that transition. With moisture-wicking fabric, cleverly-placed mesh panels, and thoughtful cut-outs, much of today’s athletic clothing is truly meant for athletic pursuits. It’s a far cry from our days of grabbing the oldest shirt in our closet, cutting off the sleeves, and calling it a top.

When it comes to figuring out what workout gear will best suit your needs, listen to your body. After all, it’ll be your primary tool during your workouts, so if you’re uncomfortable in any way, everything else is moot. You’ll also want to consider the type of workout you’re most likely to engage in. If you prefer running to yoga, you’ll be in need of different support.

You’ll also want to keep durability in mind. You’re not only putting your workout gear through the ringer at the gym, but you’re also going to be putting it through the laundry quite a few times. So even if you’re able to save a few dollars on the initial purpose by buying something that’s a bit flimsier, you’ll have to exercise your credit card again when you find your gear starting to rip after a few cycles.

Finally, of course, price comes into consideration. Given that most workout gear doubles as everyday attire these days, you can (to some extent) think of these pieces as serving two purposes for the price of one. That said, there are some options that are more costly than others, so your budget may be a determining factor.

Here are the best workout clothes for women in 2019:

  • Best workout clothes overall: Sweaty Betty
  • Best workout clothes from a fitness company: Nike
  • Best affordable workout clothes: Old Navy
  • Best beachy workout clothes: Vuori
  • Best comfortable workout clothes: Bandier
  • Best workout clothes that you can wear all day: ADAY
  • Best high-end workout clothes: Live the Process

Updated on 05/31/2019 by Malarie Gokey: Updated prices and formatting.

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The best workout clothes overall

Sweaty Betty/Facebook

Sweaty Betty makes workout gear that can withstand a tough time at the gym and take you out into society without breaking a sweat.

Much of today’s workout gear seems so focused on taking you seamlessly from barre to the bar that it forgets its primary function – being functional during your workout. But that is certainly not the case with Sweaty Betty.

As this brand’s name suggests, you’ll be able to perspire in these workout clothes without getting uncomfortable, and more importantly, you’ll feel supported throughout your time at the gym.

Sweaty Betty’s Zero Gravity leggings are made of ultra-lightweight Italian fabric, which is both sweat-wicking and quick drying for even your most intense sessions. Plus, the leggings are muscle-compressing to help you get even more out of your workout. They’re great for just about any type of exercise, whether you prefer to spend your time spinning or doing a HIIT class.

And while all those squats will certainly help shape your bum, so too will these leggings. A super satisfied customer gave a five-star review, commending the “very flattering” print and the pocket that is perfect for holding your smartphone during your run.

When paired with the High-Intensity Run Bra, you’ll feel prepared to spend your whole day actively. The high support sports bra features sweat-wicking fabric, and more importantly, extremely comfortable soft padded straps that won’t bite into sensitive skin. While some “sports” bras seem suitable only for rather anaerobic activities, the High Intensity Run Bra was designed for running and HIIT workouts. Popsugar also calls this bra one of the best for women with larger busts.

Both pieces are sleek and stylish but don’t sacrifice their usefulness for the sake of aesthetics. Sweaty Betty also makes our favorite running tights for the gym and many other great leggings and sport bras.

Pros: Quick drying material, snug fit, great for any type of workout

Cons: Some customers found that the High Intensity Run Bra does not provide enough side coverage

Buy the Zero Gravity Leggings for $135

Buy the High Intensity Run Bra for $65

Shop all Sweaty Betty workout gear

The best affordable workout gear

Old Navy

Old Navy has excellent, affordable workout gear that performs just as well as pricier brands’ sportswear.

Not everyone wants to spend hundreds on workout gear, so if you’re on a budget or you just don’t fancy spending that much on gym clothes, check out Old Navy’s activewear collection.

Surprisingly, Old Navy makes our favorite affordable running tights, and the rest of its sportswear is just as good and just as affordable. You can get a decent sports bra for $12 to $30, depending on the level of support you need.

Old Navy also has numerous shirts, leggings, jackets, and more to complete your gym look. Although the gear may not be as long-lasting or high-end as our other picks, it’ll serve you well in the gym.

Pros: Affordable, many styles, comfortable, good for workouts

Cons: Not as long-lasting as pricier brands’ gear

Buy Old Navy Sports Bras from $9 to $33

Shop all Old Navy workout gear

The best workout gear from a traditional sportswear company


Nike is probably the first brand you think of when it comes to sportswear because its gear is just that good.

Nike offers a wide selection of workout gear, including our favorite running tights overall. Top athletes in just about any sport use Nike gear during practice and at the game. Although we can’t all be Serena Williams, we can at least dress like her when we workout.

When it comes to tights, we like Nike’s Epic Lux line best because they’re designed to feel good, provide support, and offer complete coverage.

The biggest difference between the Epic Lux tights and other Nike tights lies in the fabric. The Epic Lux running tights contain more spandex, allowing for a more comfortable and supportive fit. Along with a higher quality mix of synthetic fabrics, these tights contain moisture-wicking Dri-FIT technology to help you stay cool and dry even during those super sweaty workouts.

We’re also fond of Nike’s many different sports bras, which are known for moisture wicking and great support. No matter what piece of workout gear you need, Nike probably has it.

Pros: Made for professional athletes, long history of sportswear, moisture wicking tech, cool designs

Cons: Expensive

Buy the Nike Epic Lux running tights for $90

Buy Nike Sports Bras for $24.97 to $80

Shop all Nike workout gear

The best workout gear for adventures outdoors


If you’re looking to work out outside, you can’t go wrong with Vuori.

Headquartered in Encinitas, just a quick jog away from the beach, it’s no surprise that Vuori derives its inspiration from the Californian lifestyle of sun and surf. And with clothing that is truly made for the outdoors, you’ll have no problem going from your morning yoga session on the beach to an afternoon surf appointment, and everything in between.

Founded by former Dolce & Gabanna model Joe Kudia, it’s no wonder that Vuori certainly has its design cues down pat. Take, for example, the Altitude Sports Bra, which looks more like a chic top than something you’d wear on a run. Luckily, you can do both with this comfortable piece, which comes in a flattering eggplant or heather grey shade.

Quick-drying and moisture-wicking, the Altitude Sports Bra features a classic crew cut, with a back that looks just as stylish as the front. My favorite thing about the bra is that it extends quite a bit below the bust, which makes it perfect for a shirtless run or yoga practice.

You can pair the bra with the Performance Jogger, made of a light-weight moss jersey fabric that is breathable, moisture wicking, quick drying, and four-way stretching for the ultimate in flexibility. There’s a tiny pocket in the inside of the waistband that you can use to secure your phone, credit card, or keys during a workout, although to be perfectly honest, you’ll probably do a lot more than just exercise in these joggers.

As one happy customer noted on the Vuori website, “I bought these pants tonight and all I can think of is calling in sick to work tomorrow so I can stay home read a book, lounge around, all while wearing these pants. The fabric is amazing!”

The easy styling of Vuori is part of what sets the brand apart. While its clothes are meant to sweat in, they’re also meant to easily transition into the rest of your life as well. As Kudia told Apparel News, “In coastal California, people are going to yoga in the morning, surfing in the afternoon and then meeting friends. [Vuori] is aspirational coastal California performance clothing.”

Yelp reviewers are a big fan of the physical store in California, with one user noting, “I love the women’s shorts and new sports bras…And the JOGGERS! Don’t even get me started on the joggers. The women’s line is getting better every day!”

Pros: Soft, moisture-wicking material, easy transition from the gym to everyday life, simple and minimal design

Cons: Some reviewers note that the joggers may not be flattering due to the elastic waistband

Shop the Vuori line

Buy the Altitude Sports Bra for $42

Buy the Performance Jogger for $84

The best comfortable workout gear


If you’re tired of the same polyester-y, spandex-y feel of most workout clothes, We Over Me from Bandier is the brand for you.

You may think of Bandier as a purveyor of other brands’ products, but with We Over Me, the online retailer breaks that pattern. As the company’s first foray into creating proprietary products, We Over Me is a seasonless line that is as versatile as it is comfortable. And boy, is it comfortable.

The moss-finish fabric feels nothing like the athletic wear that you’re accustomed to, and instead feels like clothing that you’ll want to wear day in and day out. And while We Over Me clothing is meant for low-impact activities like yoga and pilates, it’s also perfectly appropriate for sweaty sessions.

The in-house line draws from Bandier’s experience as a purveyor of plenty of third-party products. “There have been times when the team recognizes an opportunity or a trend, but the product isn’t available to support it,” said BANDIER founder, Jennifer Bandier. “While we carry over 40 brands, it has become clear that certain fabrics, silhouettes and styles are still missing from the market.” And now, We Over Me is here to fill that gap.

I’m a big fan of the WIP Crop Top, a high-neck crop that looks like it could go just as well atop a fashionable boho skirt as it could atop a pair of workout leggings. It features built-in support that’s appropriate for yoga or barre (though you probably don’t want to go on a sprint in this alone). You can get the Crop Top Tee for the same price ($68), though if you’re planning on wearing that to the gym, you’ll definitely need to plan on a sports bra underneath.

As for bottoms, check out the Synergy Leggings, with a high-rise waistline and a ⅞ length. Thanks to asymmetrical color blocking, you’ll look long and lean, and feel that way too as the moss-finish fabric cinches in all the relevant bits.

If you’d rather something that a little less form-fitting, you might consider the Zen Jogger. With a drawstring waistband and front pockets, it’s as comfortable as it is functional. The tailored crop is meant to hit just above your ankle, but if you’re a smaller gal like me, you’ll likely find that these joggers run a bit longer (not that that’s a problem).

Fast Company calls the line “comfy as hell,” and also points out that the line is much more inclusive in terms of sizing when compared to other activewear offerings. Whether you’re an XS or XXL, We Over Me has you covered.

Pros: Super soft fabric, perfect for yoga, easy to wear in just about any situation or season

Cons: If you’re looking for clothes for a HIIT session, this may not be for you

Shop the We Over Me collection from Bandier starting at $68

The best workout gear for the ethical yogi

Live the Process

Live the Process’ workout gear is not only comfortable, but it’s eco-friendly, too.

Live the Process produces simple, beautiful clothes that just might kickstart your entire wellness journey. Founded by a certified yoga instructor, Live the Process isn’t so much a clothing store as it is a wellness brand.

Despite its relatively new status on the scene (it launched just a few years ago in 2014), it’s already a mainstay in a number of retailers across the country (and the web), including Barney’s and Net-a-Porter.

All of Live the Process’ pieces are ethically produced in the United States, and the company promises to employ careful practices throughout the supply chain to reduce its environmental impact, including using recycled (and recyclable) packaging and carbon-neutral shipping. So not only will you look and feel good in your workout clothes, but you’ll feel good about yourself, too.

Live the Process’ Bra is a classic and classy answer to the traditional sports bra, providing full coverage across both your chest and your back.

The leggings are certainly great to wear to the gym, but you’ll also want to wear them all day long. Indeed, founder Robyn Berkley told the Observer, all of Live the Process’ clothes are meant to “make you feel beautiful and motivated,” not distract you with unnecessary bells and whistles.

Customers have sung the praises of the wellness brand as well, particularly calling out the “very good quality” of the bra and leggings’ material, which has four-way stretch, is breathable, moisture wicking, and water and wind repellent.

Pros: Simple, clean lines with straightforward design and serious comfort

Cons: These are pricey articles of clothing, even if you are looking to go from the gym to the office

Buy Live the Process V leggings on SHOPBOP for $98

Buy Live the Process sports bras on Net-a-Porter for $48

Shop Live the Process on Net-a-Porter

The best workout clothes that fit in at the office


Workout clothes from ADAY look just as appropriate for the office as they do for your morning yoga session.

If you don’t want to carry around three outfits for before, during, and after the gym, ADAY may be the solution for you. The Smoke It Up Bra and Crop And Roll Leggings can be worn in just about any scenario.

ADAY is all about simplicity and seeks to create fabrics and clothing that are multipurpose, long-lasting, and sustainable. The Crop And Roll are the best if you’re looking for something to take to your workout. Made of material that is quick drying, sweating wicking, sun cream and oil resistant, these leggings also feature an elastic waistband with an adjuster that can make the fit tighter or looser.

Thanks to the slightly cropped length, you won’t feel encumbered as you run, duck, and jump. But once you’re done at the gym, simply pair these leggings with a nice pair of pumps, and they’ll be ready for the office. With details like the gunmetal snaps, these leggings are just as much a statement piece as they are sweat-appropriate.

The Today Show called ADAY leggings “trendy” but “incredibly functional,” while Refinery 29 said simply, “straight up, they look really good.”

The Smoke It Up Bra is made of an Italian fabric that wicks moisture, and also features mesh panels for extra breathability. If you always find yourself dabbing at your cleavage, this may be the choice for you. I’m particularly taken by the A-shaped cutout in the back – not only does it help alleviate heat buildup, but it’s also an attractive design detail.

Really, this is one sports bra you wouldn’t mind to have peeking through your shirt. As Huffington Post noted, this bra’s “fashionable back details … make it perfect for layering under regular clothes.”

Pros: Comfortable, versatile, with many neutral color options for a wide range of occasions

Cons: The Smoke It Up Bra only offers medium support

Buy the Crop and Roll Leggings for $125

Buy the Smoke It Up Bra for $41 (originally $55)

Shop all ADAY clothes

The best facial sunscreens you can buy

The best facial sunscreens you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

best face sunscreen

  • Yes, you really should be wearing sunscreen daily – even in the winter or when it’s cloudy – to protect your skin from short- and long-term UV damage.
  • La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 is the best face sunscreen because it’s a broad spectrum pick that’s as comfortable to wear as it is good for your skin.

I don’t think you need me to go into all the possible annoyances when it comes to wearing sunscreen, especially on your face. A lot of formulas are seriously lacking in the comfort and “ease of use” departments. And yet, you really should be wearing it every single day, regardless of season or level of cloud cover. Ain’t no rest for the wicked, or for UV rays.

But from pilling to white cast to that heavy, oil-slicked feeling, there are plenty of reasons why you might hesitate to reach for your bottle in the morning. There are some dud sunscreens, but there are also great options to be found once you know where to look. The trial-and-error is well worth it, I promise. After all, we’re not just talking anti-aging here – sunscreen use is vital for cancer prevention and your overall long-term health.

And while we’re on the subject of long-term health, we’re doing our best to keep up with recent sunscreen news as well as try each and every one of our picks for you. We’ve also proactively removed some of our previous picks as they were chemical formulas made with oxybenzone, a known coral reef-destroying ingredient that is unfortunately common in a lot of sunscreens, and are keeping an eye out on avobenzone, which has been shown to be absorbed into blood quite quickly but the verdict is out on the effects it has on our bodies and the ocean.

As well-researched and thorough as our picks are, everyone should do their own due diligence about formulas and the ingredients found in sunscreens, as well as how certain ingredients negatively impact our oceans and sea life – not to mention our bodies.

Here are the best face sunscreens you can buy in 2019:

Updated on 6/4/2019 by Jada Wong: Updated copy, formatting, links, prices, removed our pick for best moisturizing sunscreen because it was formulated with coral reef-killing oxybenzone, swapped in ThinkSun Everyday Face Sunscreen, Naturally Tinted as our best tinted face sunscreen, and added Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer as our best solid sunscreen.

Keep scrolling to check out our top picks.

The best face sunscreen overall

La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 is a physical sunscreen that protects from UVA/UVB rays and free radicals without making you look pale and shiny.

Physical sunscreens – formulas that block UV rays by forming a sort of shield over the skin – can be really uncomfortable. Many of them feel heavy, pill up when you try to rub them in or apply makeup on top, or give the skin, especially darker complexions, a strange white cast.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 delivers the UVA/UVB and free radical protection you can expect from physical sunscreens without the negative side effects. The formula contains 6% titanium dioxide and 5% zinc oxide to shield the skin from sun damage and an antioxidant complex called senna alata to protect from environmental damage.

This sunscreen comes in a lightly tinted version or a non-tinted version. The tint will prevent white cast and flashback in photos, but it’s not a foundation. There’s not really any coverage. You can apply other complexion products over the top, so you don’t have to worry too much about color-matching. The tint is really there to make it easier to wear if you have a medium to deep skin tone. If you opt for the non-tinted, you’ll get more of a traditional white liquid sunscreen formula that absorbs easily into the skin.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreens are popular with both shoppers and experts. This one in particular has more than 1,000 Amazon reviews and has been recommended by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor Lexy Lebsack. She writes, “It’s incredibly light and soaks in immediately, but it’s also hydrating enough to take the place of my morning moisturizer.”

The brand’s sunscreens have recently been recommended by The Strategist, Allure, Health, Elle, and Redbook.

Pros: Tinted and non-tinted, protects from UVA/UVB rays and free radicals, water resistant up to 40 minutes, safe for sensitive skin

Cons: Pricey

Buy La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 on Amazon for $28.47 (originally $33.50)

The best tinted face sunscreen


ThinkSport’s Everyday Face Sunscreen in Naturally Tinted is our tinted pick for minimizing the white cast that comes with all zinc oxide-based mineral formulas.

One of the biggest reasons most people shy away from mineral sunscreens is the tell-tale white cast that results from the zinc oxide – which is what’s keeping your skin protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays. But cosmetically, it’s understandable that a chalky cast is not ideal, especially on deeper skin tones. That’s why ThinkSport has included a tinted version of its original mineral sunscreen.

Like the OG, the tinted version is made without major chemical actives that are harmful to the ocean and aquatic life, and potentially harmful to ourselves, like avobenzone, oxybenzone, parabens, phthalates, and more, and instead uses non-nano zinc oxide to protect skin.

The tinted formula blends out easily onto a variety of skin tones, though we can’t guarantee that it’ll look realistic or natural on deep skin tones as the formula is still made with zinc oxide. It’ll undoubtedly still look better than the original though, and you should take comfort in knowing that your skin is well-protected. After all, rays today, raisins tomorrow.

ThinkSport’s zinc oxide-based formula is also non-nano, so it’s safer for coral reefs and aquatic creatures than nano formulas – and infinitely better than chemical ones.

Nearly 60% of the 230+ Amazon reviewers rate it 5 stars, with people deducting a star for the sunscreen being runny and looking opaque when exposed to sweat or water, and rubbing off on clothes – especially if you sweat. One Amazon reviewer said she was able to wash it out, but that the collar where the sunscreen was seemed to look dingy after a while. – Jada Wong

Pros: Tint provides better alternative for wearing bare-faced or under makeup, non-nano formula is safer for coral reefs, mineral formula is better for general health

Cons: Can rub off and stain light clothing, tint might not match deep skin tones

Buy the ThinkSun Everyday Face Sunscreen, Naturally Tinted on Amazon for $11.65

The best powder face sunscreen


ColorScience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush is a powder sunscreen that solves the eternal problem of reapplying sunscreen over makeup.

It’s the number one conundrum for makeup-wearers who want to protect from sun damage – how do you reapply SPF during the day? Most experts agree that sunscreen should be reupped in two hour intervals, but that’s difficult to do with a typical liquid or cream formula if your skin is coated with foundation, concealer, and the whole works – unless, of course, you don’t mind rearranging your entire face Picasso-style while you’re at the office.

ColorScience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush provides a simple solution. The concept is completely genius. It’s a tinted mineral sunscreen powder that comes in the ultimate portable packaging – a twist-up brush that deposits the product. You don’t have to worry about spillage in your purse or packing a bulky compact and a separate brush on the go.

I would caution against using this as your only SPF, since it’s hard to make sure you’re using enough product. But it’s amazing for adding more coverage on top of whatever SPF you apply before foundation in the morning.

The product available in four skin-tone shades – Fair, Medium, Tan, and Deep. The main downside is the applicator – several reviewers complained about having difficulty getting the powder to come out at first.

The ColorScience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush has been featured on sites like Bustle, Allure, and Refinery29.

Pros: Portable, lightweight, can be used over makeup, comes in four colors

Cons: Brush applicator can be difficult to use, pricey

Buy the ColorScience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Brush on Amazon for $65

The best clear face sunscreen


Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen is a clear, lightweight, broad spectrum SPF that is literally undetectable once applied to the skin.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen certainly has a promising name. Permission to get your hopes up, because the product it represents doesn’t disappoint. It’s an invisible, fragrance-free chemical sunscreen with SPF 40 that doubles as a primer for foundation or BB cream.

The Unseen Sunscreen formula delivers multifaceted protection from a variety of skin-harming factors. There’s avobenzone 3% for UV rays, red algae for blue light exposure, and anti-inflammatory extract of frankincense. Rounding out the hero ingredients are meadowfoam seed oil for hydration and diatomaceous earth to control oil production. It is a chemical sunscreen though, so keep that in mind.

Second only to the innovative formula is the pleasant application process. The product goes on completely clear so it won’t leave a white cast on even the deepest of skin tones. Unseen Sunscreen earned a 2018 Allure Best of Beauty award, and the publication tested it on a variety of complexions with glowing results. It’s also a top pick from experts at The Wirecutter.

This sunscreen has a 4.5-star rating on Sephora based on almost 700 reviews. “So glad there is finally an invisible effective sunscreen! This does everything they say it will, and it feels like nothing on,” writes one shopper.

Pros: Invisible finish, doubles as primer, fragrance-free, holds a Clean at Sephora seal

Cons: Pricey for the size

Buy Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen at Sephora for $32

The best solid sunscreen

Raw Elements

For solid sun protection – literally and figuratively – and a tint that could pass as a light coverage base makeup, try Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer Certified Natural Sunscreen.

Solid sunscreen sounds like it’d be hard to apply or that it’d melt in the sun, but after a long weekend in Florida, neither of that happened. Instead, I found that this was easy to use and easier to reapply thanks to the sheer tint, velvet-y finish, and plastic-free tin.

Just like you’d do with a cleansing oil, you scoop up a little of the product from the tin and apply to your face. No matter how little or much you use, it’ll be sticky at first but then it dries down a little. It does still look a little greasy, but I’d rather be protected from harmful rays than pout at a little shine.

The organic formula is made up of non-nano zinc oxide, but also has sunflower and hemp seed oils to hydrate, green and black teas to ward off free radicals, and cocoa and mango butters to nourish skin.

The sheer tint evened out my medium skin tone a little, and could pass for a light coverage base makeup. I found myself looking forward to applying this over the course of the weekend because I knew how sheer the “coverage” was and didn’t have to worry about getting a ghost face like with some others. There’s an untinted one as well that’s meant for both face and body, and according to Senior Guides Reporter Owen Burke, it’s less greasy than the tinted version.

As much as I love the formula, I also truly appreciate that this comes in a plastic-free, biodegradable, and recyclable tin. I’m conscious of my plastic consumption, but one thing that trips me up is beauty product packaging with all the various types of bottles, caps, pumps, and more that can’t be tossed into one universal recycling bin. This tin is infinitely easier to figure out because there are only two pieces to the whole thing, and if you don’t want to get rid of it, you can reuse it to hold mints, as a travel jewelry case, as a coin case for the car – this tin is your oyster.

I do have to dock a star here because the formula does have its cons. Since it’s solid, it’s hard to use the recommended 1/2 teaspoon for proper sun protection. And because this one has such a thin viscosity, it’s also hard to apply a lot at once, and if you try, you’ll wind up really greasy.

I didn’t have an issue with the product melting in the tin during 85-degree weather in Florida, but it could be a possibility if temps get higher, so I’d suggest carrying this around in a bag just to be safe. – Jada Wong

Pros: Non-nano zinc formula, tinted formula offers sheer coverage, solid doesn’t ment in 85-degree heat, recyclable and biodegradable packaging,

Cons: Formula can be greasy on skin, hard to apply the proper amount

Buy the Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer Certified Natural Sunscreen at Amazon for $16.49

Buy the Raw Elements Face and Body Certified Natural Sunscreen at Amazon for $17.49

How to choose a mineral sunscreen that’s safe for the environment

Bare Republic/Facebook

Editor’s note from Insider Pick’s senior guides reporter Owen Burke:

While zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have been researched, tested, and mostly endorsed as reasonably safe sunscreen ingredients for many decades, the jury is still largely out on the active organic compounds used in chemical sunscreens, which are considerably younger.

Although mineral-based sunscreens are preferable because they have been tested extensively and deemed largely safe for people and the environment, they are not entirely free from controversy, either.

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are powders that can be manufactured as ultra-fine nanoparticles (measured in nanometers, or billionths of a meter), which allow these thick sunscreens to go on sheerly without leaving a white residue, and appear to be harming reefs, too. Plus, as with most powders, they’re also potential respiratory toxins in high enough concentrations.

NPR reported in 2015 on a study published in the journal “Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology,” which estimated that some 6,000-14,000 tons of sunscreen end up lathering coral reefs worldwide every year. This past year, forensic ecotoxiclogist Craig Downs, Ph.D., told Vogue to look for products with “non-nano” ingredients larger than 150 nanometers, at which size their toxicity level to sea creatures – and you, as a respiratory threat in spray-ons – becomes minute.

Navigating the retail market with this information can be tricky. Terms that suggest environmental and social responsibility like “reef-safe” and “non-nano” are largely, if not entirely unregulated, so take them with a grain of salt, and do your best to find brands that support these claims. We will, too.

Check out our guide to the best mineral sunscreen


Mineral sunscreens are highly effective, and far less toxic to small aquatic creatures that can metabolize chemical-based sunscreens, but they usually leave a streaky white mess.

We’ve tested several mineral sunscreens to find the best ones that are effective, look good, and won’t hurt the environment.

Here are our top picks for the best mineral sunscreen you can buy:

This $80 smartwatch has a longer battery life than the Apple Watch or Fitbit and many of the same features — here’s what it’s like

This $80 smartwatch has a longer battery life than the Apple Watch or Fitbit and many of the same features — here’s what it’s like

  • The Amazfit Bip ($79.99) proves you don’t have to spend more than $100 for a good smartwatch.
  • I’ve worn it daily for more than a month and primarily use it to keep track of my physical activity and sleep and to receive phone notifications.
  • While it lacks the sleek sophistication of its $200 to $350 counterparts, it still impressed us with its month-long battery life and variety of features you’ll use every day.

Though Apple and Fitbit are probably the first names to come to mind when you think of wearables, Chinese wearables company Huami is quietly giving them a run for their money with its under-$100 Amazfit Bip smartwatch.

I’ve been wearing it for the last five weeks and had multiple friends mistake it for an Apple Watch. It never gets any less satisfying for me to explain that it’s actually a smartwatch they’ve never heard of, and it costs a fraction of its more famous doppelgänger.

The Amazfit Bip is only $80, but has so many useful features that you’ll be surprised it doesn’t cost more: fitness, heart rate, and sleep tracking, physical activity guidance, and the ability to receive app, call, and text notifications. It can also act as a timer, stopwatch, compass, or personal weatherman. It does all of this on an incredible battery that lasts for weeks (yes, plural).

amazfit colors


As a longtime Fitbit user, I can say without a doubt that wearing a fitness tracker has improved my health by motivating me to move more, whether that involves going for an evening run in order to maintain my run streak, or simply taking a lap around the office when I’ve been sitting down for too long. With the Amazfit Bip, you can set step goals, then see how much you’re walking and how many calories you’ve burned, down to each hour of the day. When you haven’t moved in a while, you’ll get a nudge in the form of a watch vibration, and the watch celebrates when you’ve reached your daily step goal.

The watch can also accompany you on activities like outdoor running or cycling and track stats like your pace, heart rate, and stride, but in my experience the activity guidance features weren’t always completely accurate, and I preferred using the Nike Run app. It works perfectly, however, as a casual day-to-day activity tracker.

activity tracking


The sleep tracking function, made more accurate with the watch’s heart rate monitor, is also the source of endless fascination and utility. The watch breaks down your deep and light sleep and offers insights that help you get more consistent, restful sleep. Combined with the physical activity reports, the sleep data lets me draw connections to my overall mood and energy level and I can tweak my routine so I feel 100%, or as close to it as possible, every day.

sleep tracking


Other than for activity and sleep tracking, I use the watch to receive phone notifications since it’s distracting to pick up my phone every time it lights up next to me. I’ll occasionally use its timer and stopwatch when I work out or cook dinner, its alarm to wake me up every morning, and its weather report.

Compared to those of the Apple Watch and Fitbit smartwatches, the Amazfit Bip’s interface isn’t as refined or polished, but one big reason why I sing the Amazfit Bip’s praises anyways is that it juggles multiple features on a suspiciously strong battery. After five weeks of daily use, it has 33% battery left. Other smartwatches need to be charged every one to three days, but my Amazfit Bip is still going strong. I do have my screen brightness set fairly low, and only choose to receive text notifications, so the exact battery life can vary depending on the combination of your preferences. However, it should still last about 30 days on a single 2.5-hour charge, which is really impressive.

amazfit bip

Connie Chen/Business Insider

The watch is available in four colors and offers a variety of watch faces. It has a barely-there feel on your wrist, and the screen is easy to read, even in the bright sunlight. Insider Picks associate editor Brandt Ranj, who also tested the watch and liked its features, found that the silicone band irritated his skin, so if you have more sensitive skin, we would recommend switching out the standard band for a different material.

If you’re looking for a reliable smartwatch with a fair amount of customization, and you don’t care for the glossy or extraneous features of the bigger brands, you’ll be very happy with the Amazfit Bip. It’s easy to use, it helps you practice healthier habits, and its long battery life means you have one less device to think about charging all the time. For less than $100, no other smartwatch comes close.

Shop the Amazfit Bip for $79.99 at Amazon here

The best men’s workout clothes you can buy

The best men’s workout clothes you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

best mens workout clothes

Vuori/Business Insider
  • The right workout clothes may just convince you to hit the gym more often.
  • Vuori makes our favorite workout gear for men that is not only high performance but very comfortable, too.

The ladies aren’t the only ones who need workout clothes that are comfortable, functional, and look good at both the gym and on the go. After all, how’s a guy supposed to impress a date either at spin class or out on the town without a nice pair of shorts and a well-fitted tee? If part of your strategy in selecting workout gear is as much fashion as it is function, there are plenty of options these days that will help you look good at the gym.

Some of our favorite men’s workout gear is capable of taking guys on a wide range of activities. After all, your exercise regimen isn’t one-dimensional (and neither are you) so why should your clothes be any different?

We’ve come a long way from our high school gym rooms, and so too have the wardrobe options available to us. The new wave of men’s workout gear wants to help you perform your best by keeping you cool and comfortable. And while your gym clothes certainly ought to be ready for even the most strenuous of exercise regimens, they also need to be presentable enough for you to wear outside of your workout environment.

When determining what kind of workout gear you need to accommodate your lifestyle, you’ll need to consider the type of exercise you do most often. Clothes, after all, are just another tool that can either help or hinder you, so be sure you’re buying the right gear for the right activity.

Ability to withstand cycles in the washing machine will also be key to quality in terms of workout gear. Chances are, you’ll be sweating through these clothes a lot, and (hopefully), putting them in the laundry quite often. If you’re buying flimsily made clothing, you’ll have to replace them a lot more often.

Finally, you might want to consider how multi-purpose you want your clothes to be. Are you only going to wear those joggers to the gym, or are they also for lounging around? Is that long sleeve tee just as good for your run as it is for running errands on the weekend?

Today’s active gear ought to double as gear for an active lifestyle, so be sure that whatever you’re buying is capable of as many reps as you are. That said, regardless of what workout gear you choose from the following options, you’ll be in good hands.

Here are the best men’s workout clothes in 2019:

  • Best men’s workout clothes overall: Vuori
  • Best men’s workout clothes for runners: Wolaco
  • Best men’s workout clothes on a budget: MPG
  • Best men’s workout clothes for dispelling odors: Rhone
  • Best men’s workout clothes for comfort: Olivers

Updated on 05/31/2019 by Malarie Gokey: Updated prices and formatting.

Keep scrolling to check out our top picks.

The best workout gear overall


Vuori’s clothing is both lightweight and comfortable, which makes it a breeze to work out inside or outside during summer.

It’s obvious that Vuori takes its inspiration from the beach that’s just a stone’s throw away from its headquarters in Encinitas, California. The workout gear from this company may just make you think that you’re on the West Coast, what with its comfortable, lightweight fit.

In particular, we (which is to say my boyfriend, who served as my guinea pig for testing the shorts, and I) loved the Trail Short, an opinion that appears to be quite widely held by folks across the web and happy customers.

The Trail Short is the lightest weight all-purpose pair of shorts from Vuori. The shorts have an elastic waist, supportive Coolmax anti-odor liner, and an athletic fit. The shorts also come with front pockets and a back zip pocket, as well as an iPhone holder in the liner.

Running NW noted that the “fit and cut are definitely made by athletes,” pointing to the “construction and wear of [the] trail short” as evidence. Indeed, these did seem to be comfortable shorts to run in, as the soft material didn’t give way to chafing or any other unpleasantness. Reviewers on Vuori’s website called the shorts “all around great,” and one went so far as to say that they were “hands down the best running shorts I’ve ever worn.”

Also beloved in the Vuori line are the Tradewind Performance shirt and the company’s perennially popular joggers. The Tradewind Tee is the company’s “most technical” in the lineup, featuring micro perforation for ventilation, flatlock seams, and a front chest pocket. The shirt promises to wick moisture and dry quickly, making it perfect for a run, a hot yoga session, or anything in between.

Delta Grade noted that the fit is “flattering” without being too “form-fitting,” and calls it a “very comfortable and subtle activewear shirt that can be worn to the gym or on any casual day.”

Pros: Supreme comfort, quick drying material, great for a wide variety of workouts

Cons: Some customers found that the shorts could be a bit restrictive due to narrow leg holes

Buy the Trail Short for $68

Buy the Tradewind Performance Tee for $48

Shop Vuori workout clothes

The best workout gear for runners


If you’re a runner or into tight workout gear, it doesn’t get much better than Wolaco.

While guys hitting the gym may want easy, breezy shorts with plenty of room, the same can’t be said for distance runners. And that’s where Wolaco comes in. The brand has long been a crowd favorite – it did, after all, get its start from the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Wolaco ultimately raised more than $120,000 from 1,465 backers and has since become a mainstay in the compression wear game.

Now, just three years later, Wolaco’s clothes are available at the luxury gym Equinox. Its availability in gyms also gives people the opportunity to feel the fabric and check out the design firsthand, rather than relying on photos and testimonials.

Speaking of testimonials, we can’t sing Wolaco’s praises enough. Multiple Business Insider folks have tried and loved these compression shorts and pants, lauding both the availability of pockets and the durability of the material. And aesthetically, I have to say that the Wolaco compression shorts and tights alike look pretty damn good. They’re by no means obscenely tight, but do exactly what compression wear is supposed to do – keep everything in place while you get your exercise on.

Happy buyers have noted that the “quality of the materials and the workmanship [are] excellent.” And the folks over at Confessions of an Amateur Athlete noted that they “loved the color, fit, and even more, the convenient pockets.”

Wolaco offers its compression wear in four lengths: the North Moore short in a 6- or 9-inch inseam, or the Fulton pant in three-quarters or full length. If you’re looking to cover up even more, the High Line Hood is an excellent option. Supremely comfortable and clearly designed for running on cold days, this hooded long-sleeve shirt boasts 4-way-stretch as well as water, wind, and sweat-repellent construction.

Pros: Great for runners, durable fabric, moisture-wicking and fast-drying design

Cons: Some users reported fit issues, so be careful when reading the sizing guides

Buy the High Line Hood for $98, the North Moore Shorts for $50, and the Fulton pant starting at $75

Shop Wolaco workout clothes

The best budget-friendly workout gear


MPG Sport understands that working out shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and is creating gear that helps you live a financially responsible lifestyle.

Your gym membership is expensive enough, so your gym clothes don’t have to be. Luckily, MPG Sport agrees. Short for Mondetta Performance Gear, MPG offers a wide range of clothing and workout gear that won’t break the bank.

Take, for instance, the Defender Performance Cashmere Shirt. This shirt feels like luxury without the luxury price tag. But it’s not just the softness of the shirt that’s important – It’s the benefits it gives you during your workout.

The mix of tencel, a recyclable and environmentally-friendly material derived from wood pulp, and cashmere helps you adapt to different temperatures. That means that you’ll be warm in the winter but remain cool and dry in the summer. Plus, with colors like Port and Navy Sky, this shirt can transition well from the gym to just about anywhere else.

Also noteworthy is the Premier 1/4 Zip Stink-Free Seamless Pullover, which is made from NILIT fibers to protect against bacteria build-up and sweat stench. Well-fitted and nicely tailored, this was another piece that looks great. And the best part? It’s on sale for $24.

If you’re looking for shorts or pants, MPG has you covered as well. The Hype 3.0 Essential 7-inch Short promises plenty of flexibility as well as moisture-wicking properties. A recent happy buyer noted that he loved the length “and how they fit for hard run workouts [and] gym leg workouts.”

Alternatively, if you need something a bit longer, you might consider the Industry Essential Fleece Joggers, which are surprisingly warm given how light they are. A happy customer noted, “When I look at my leisure wear I require two things: comfort and fit. These check both boxes. Great for heading into town; just as awesome for laying on the couch.”

Pros: Affordable prices, wide selection of products, fabric that is soft yet ready for a hard workout

Cons: The sheer amount of product might be overwhelming for someone shopping online

Shop MPG workout clothes for men

The best workout gear for the sweaty workout


It’s all about the GoldFusion technology with Rhone, which makes good on its promise to keep you stink-free.

Back in 2016, Rhone managed to raise nearly $113,000 to bring its GoldFusion technology to its line of activewear. And now, that proprietary formula can be found in a wide range of activewear.

Rhone has long been one of my favorite makers of men’s workout gear (again, it’s great to look at). And judging from the reactions of the men in my life, they’re huge fans, too. Much of it is indeed due to the company’s GoldFusion technology, a proprietary, eco-friendly fabric treatment that leverages real gold particles to help fabrics dry up to three times faster. In addition, it’s UV protective, and promises to permanently control odor.

These claims have been put to the test by folks like David Mason of DFit Junkie, who noted that “even after five consecutive workouts and washes, the GoldFusion Technology continues to live up to the hype.” Mason reported no body odor despite his intense workout regimen, and I can attest to the same results. While I generally don’t want to be around men right after they’ve hit the gym, there’s no such issue for folks wearing a Rhone GoldFusion shirt.

Two new additions to the Rhone GoldFusion line include the 7-inch Swift Lined short and the Glacier Delta tank. The shorts, meant for running, feature a perforated venting system for cooling, as well as two side zipper pockets to hold essentials during a jog. Plus, a soft performance liner promises exceptional fit. As for the Glacier Delta tank, this workout shirt features an evaporative cooling Polartec fabric that helps you cool down as you sweat.

Of course, Rhone also has pieces that don’t necessarily have precious metals embedded into them, but are no less effective at getting the job done. Take, for instance, the new Mako Unlined short. Available in both 7- and 9-inch lengths, this short is made of a lightweight, four-way stretch fabric with plenty of pockets so you can wear them at the gym or anywhere else, too.

Forbes lauds Rhone workout gear for combining “classic cuts and designs with elevated technology,” while happy customers note that they wear Rhone gear “more than any…I have.”

Pros: Stink-free technology, comfortable fabric, and great fit

Cons: Some reviewers note that the shirts can be a bit longer than anticipated

Buy the Swift Short for $88, the Mako Unlined Short for $34, and the Glacier Delta Tank for $54

Shop Rhone workout clothes

The best workout gear for all day wear


Workout clothes don’t have to feel like workout clothes, and that’s why Olivers has created some of its gear with merino wool.

Merino wool is unlikely to be the first material that comes to mind when you think of workout gear, but that’s just the sort of innovative thinking that makes Olivers’ clothes so comfortable. Dubbed “one of the most comfortable gym shirts” by Men’s Fitness, the highly breathable gear from Olivers is so comfortable that you may never want to take it off.

While Olivers’ first well-known article of clothing was the All Over Short, the brand has proven that it’s capable of creating a wide range of comfortable, functional gear. The Terminal Tech Tee is a favorite of mine and the Business Insider team’s. The merino tech mesh tee not only keeps you cool and dry, but also fits well. As Insider Picks’ Amir Ismael noted, “the Terminal Tech Tee..fits exactly as a T-shirt should.”

While you can certainly work out in the naturally odor resistant shirt, it’s also just as appropriate for a day full of errands or a casual date night.

GQ has called Olivers’ clothes “subtle” yet “premium,” and has, of course, lauded the All Over Short, made of a lightweight nylon spandex blend whose 4-way stretch and water repellent qualities make it ideal for all scenarios. Plus, the shorts have an inner pocket for you to securely stow and carry keys, phones, and other essentials. Men’s Journal is also a fan of this short, lauding the “techy material in a simple design.”

Olivers is also particularly noteworthy for its plethora of good reviews. If you check out the company website, the vast majority of its products boast five-star ratings from happy buyers (which certainly isn’t always the case).

And if you don’t believe reviews on Olivers’ website, you can also check out the consensus on Amazon, where the Terminal Tech Long Sleeve Tee also boasts five stars. Buyers note that it may just be the “last moisture wicking long sleeve shirt you’ll ever buy.”

Oh, and by the way, Olivers promises that your clothes will last for at least a year with its Olivers guarantee. The company will replace or repair any product “with a fault outside of normal wear and tear for up to 12 months” after your initial purchase.

Pros: Superior comfort, great fit, great style without being ostentatious

Cons: Some reviewers noted that the sizing could be a bit different from the website’s suggestions.

Buy the All Over Short for $68 and the Terminal Tech Tee for $58

Shop Olivers workout clothes

The best yoga blocks you can buy

The best yoga blocks you can buy

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

best yoga blocks

Manduka/Business Insider
  • Yoga blocks can help you get into difficult poses and deepen your flexibility or simply provide the support you need.
  • Of all the yoga blocks we’ve researched, the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block is our top pick with its sturdy, attractive design and eco-friendly material.

Yoga blocks are an important tool for yogis at any level. Whether you’re looking to deepen your flexibility, venturing into new pose territory, or just trying to go easy on your joints and muscles, yoga blocks are key. They help extend and lengthen your alignment when your flexibility doesn’t allow you to reach the floor or touch your toes, and they’re great modifiers when you’re not quite ready for a full pose. If yoga isn’t quite your thing, any kind of dynamic exercise routine can be customized for better strength, flexibility, or even injury prevention with a couple of yoga blocks on hand.

Picking the perfect yoga blocks may seem like a fairly straightforward decision, but there are a number of factors to consider.

  • What are your goals? If you’re looking to begin or deepen your yoga practice, you may benefit more from a yoga equipment bundle than a single yoga block. Or if your priority is working your way up to a specific pose, maybe your needs are better suited to a single basic block that will help extend your reach until your flexibility is more developed.
  • Cork or foam? Material is another consideration when it comes to choosing your yoga block. Many yoga teachers and educators sing the praises of cork yoga blocks, but other blocks are made from molded foam or recycled eco-friendly options. Depending on your personal preference, some yoga block materials may feel better to you than others. For example, foam blocks tend to be more malleable and even squishy, while cork yoga blocks are more sturdy and offer more stable surfaces.
  • How much do you want to carry? The material construction of a yoga block directly impacts its weight, as well. If you plan on traveling with your yoga blocks to and from the studio or the gym, the portability of a lightweight foam block may outweigh the squishy soft surfaces.

In addition to our own experience and testing, we researched user reviews, product ratings, and top-ranked lists to come up with our Insider Picks guide to yoga blocks. No matter what you’re using them for and no matter what your goals are, there’s a yoga block on this list for you.

Here are the best yoga blocks you can buy:

Updated on 06/18/2019: Updated prices and formatting. Added the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block.

Keep scrolling to read more about our top picks.

The best overall

Hugger Mugger

The Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block is made from an eco-friendly cork material with a slip-resistant surface layer to help you keep your pose in place.

One of the main reasons the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block is at the top of our list is because of the material used to make it. Cork is one of the most durable, longest-lasting options when it comes to yoga block materials.

There are cork yoga blocks from different manufacturers, but we picked the Hugger Mugger because it’s similar to our previous selection, has a strong customer rating, and also recommended by other reviewers. It can withstand frequent use and the typical wear and tear that comes with a good long yogi sweat, and the material is 100% natural. And, the non-slip surface means no awkward sliding around when you kick up into that standing split.

Each 9 x 5.5 x 3.5-inch block weighs nearly 2 pounds, so it isn’t as light as some of its foam and cork counterparts. But cork is less malleable than foam, which sometimes provides a more tactile sense of stability. Whereas foam blocks can be squishy or soft to grab and hold on to for balance, cork blocks are sturdy, firm, and weighted, no matter how hard you press on them. With that said, the molded cork is still a soft, finished surface that’s comfortable to hold on to and lean on.

If you want something lighter, particularly blocks you can travel with, this cork version may not be appropriate. Instead, we steer you to our other foam-based recommendations.

In the Best Women’s Workout Reviews blog, the reviewer finds the Hugger Mugger to be “solid, comfortable to use, and it absorbs sweat well.” While it is heavier, the reviewer says it’s something you’ll barely notice. Hugger Mugger also has a reputation for being eco-friendly.

The Hugger Mugger block is sold individually, which is a bummer since our previous favorite, the HemingWeigh Cork Yoga Blocks, came as a set of two. So, you’ll need to get two at the same time to ensure a uniform assist that doesn’t distract from your yoga practice. Piecing together a kit one block at a time starts to feel uneven by contrast.

For the more visually sensitive, these cork blocks are just plain attractive. Instead of funky colored foam blocks lying around your apartment or screaming for attention in your yoga class, Hugger Mugger lets you take a more minimalist, subtle approach to your yogi style. If you’re more used to practicing or working out at home, it’s not an eyesore in your living room or wherever you like to exercise.

As for customer reviews, the Hugger Mugger has a high satisfaction rating (84% of 187 people gave it 5 stars) on Amazon. But, a couple of customers complained that the product came with the cork flaking off, while one thought it was too heavy.

Pros: Durable, eco-friendly cork block, non-slip surface

Cons: Cork blocks are heavier, not sold in pairs

Buy the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block from Yoga Outlet for $18.88

Buy the Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block on Amazon for $18

The best for getting back to basics


The Gaiam Yoga Block is comfortable to grab, soft to the touch, and heavier than most lightweight foam blocks for increased stability.

Gaiam is a respected name in the yoga world, so it’s no surprise that its basic yoga block is a popular choice. Simple as it may be, the Gaiam yoga block offers a ton of color options ranging from solid hues to printed and engraved designs, and even stacked color patterns. The foam surface can be washed with light detergents or your favorite yoga spray cleanser and can either be air-dried or towel-dried.

One of the common downsides to foam yoga blocks is their lack of long-term durability. Over time, the sweat and oils from your skin tend to build up on the surface of the foam, making them more slippery and less attractive to look at. Regular washing can usually help protect the surface for longer periods.

A lot of the appeal of foam yoga blocks is the soft, smooth surface that gives a little bit when you’re reaching for comfort or support in the middle of a stretch. But sometimes, foam blocks can feel flimsy when they’re super lightweight and portable. Gaiam yoga blocks combine that squishy foam surface with a weightier overall block. Each one weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 9 x 6 x 4-inches so you won’t have to deal with your blocks wobbling when you need them most.

Pros: Combining a little more heft and stability with the soft surface layer of a foam block will surely make a lot of yogis happy

Cons: If you’re looking specifically for a lightweight foam yoga block, this heavier foam version isn’t going to do the trick

Buy the Gaiam Yoga Block on Amazon for $7.98 and up (pricing varies by color)

The best yoga block kit


The YogaRat Block and Strap Set also includes a cotton yoga strap so you can practice with your own equipment no matter where you are.

YogaRat’s block and strap set is a great start for beginner yogis, or anyone looking to personalize their yoga equipment instead of borrowing shared studio items. The YogaRat yoga block is lightweight and portable, and the surface is soft and squishy like many popular foam blocks.

The 9 x 6 x 4-inch block is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic EVA foam, and the closed cell antimicrobial surface wicks away moisture instead of absorbing sweat. The block is easy to clean and it comes in a variety of different color options.

The YogaRat strap is woven from thick 100% cotton material and comes in as many colors as the block, so you can rock a matching set. At 1.5 inches wide and 8 feet long, the strap is a great addition to a block for yogis who are either just beginning or looking to deepen their practice. Straps can increase flexibility and help you reach into deeper stretching poses, and of course, you’ll have also have the block beside you for balance and stability.

Even in the most pristine yoga studios, sharing equipment can get a little gnarly. Instead of trying to block out the germy thoughts, taking a class with your own block and strap set is a great solution for the extra hygienic yogis out there.

Pros: Budget-smart option includes both a block and a strap for beginner yogis or anyone squeamish about sharing studio equipment

Cons: Lightweight foam is typically soft to the touch, so this isn’t a great choice for yogis that prefer a more sturdy block to hold on to

Buy the YogaRat Block and Strap Set on Amazon for $9.50-$10.99 (pricing varies by color)

The best eco-friendly yoga block


The Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block combines the eco-friendly benefits of recycled foam material with the look and feel of a sturdy cork block.

Manduka’s Recycled Foam Yoga Block is one of the lightest options out there, at 0.6 pounds, which is impressive for a 9 x 6 x 4-inch block. The cork-like surface is made from 50% recycled foam material, and its sturdy, firm structure allows you to grip and hold on for balance during challenging poses. Turning recycled foam into a cork-style block gives the best of both worlds – softness to the touch and lightweight portability packed into a stable block that isn’t going anywhere during inversions.

The block’s rounded edges make it comfortable to use in any position, without bumping up against the awkward angles of a straight or beveled edge yoga block. And of course, Manduka products carry the brand name trust of one of the yoga world’s leading companies. High-quality production standards mean that these blocks are sure to last a long time, and the eco-friendly, recycled materials give a natural look.

This Manduka block is more expensive than some of the other options on our list, but for yogis committed to the environment, a higher price tag is often par for the course. Yogi reviews claim that this block is a long-lasting, durable option thanks to both the recycled material structure and the easily washable surface.

Pros: Eco-friendly recycled foam is lightweight and portable but still sturdy and firm in the style of most cork blocks

Cons: This is one of the more expensive yoga blocks out there, so if you’re looking for a no-frills stability block this price tag may not be worth it

Buy the Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block on Manduka for $16

Buy the Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block on Amazon for $14.68 and up (pricing varies by color)

Buy the Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block on Zappos for $16

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