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Hmm.. well, I guess it always was too good to be true – an affordable foundation that changes colour to exactly match your skin tone. The funny thing is that it DID exactly match my skin tone but I am certain that’s because my tone at the moment lives in a kind of warm beige zone and can take a degree of variability.

TLM Colour Changing Foundation

As you can see, it’s completely white in the bottle. One of the claims is that it fights the signs of make-up melt down… hello, what does that even mean?

TLM Colour Changing Foundation

Colour-adjust technology isn’t new – this formula is a blend of titanium dioxide and petrolatum with fine mica particles that show their colour when agitated, as in, when you move them around the skin. It goes onto your skin white and as you blend, the colour reveals. I checked back on mine almost hourly during the time I was wearing it and the shade, a kind of beige, didn’t change further from its initial lay down.

TLM Colour Changing Foundation

You can see that it’s a pretty perfect match for my arm, and it was the same for my face. However, while it did work well for me in that respect, my feeling is that if you are not naturally somewhere in the middle of this kind of buff shade – if you fall pale or deep toned – it won’t be quite as successful. The first ingredient on the list is titanium dioxide and that fits with my first impression that I felt as though I’d put sun cream on my face. It feels rather thick and heavy compared to the formulas of foundations that we are used to and it stayed feeling heavy throughout the day. My skin felt tacky, not glowy! In terms of coverage weight, it’s light which is ironic since it feels so heavy. There was a tone perfecting element so I can’t say it didn’t do its job to a certain degree but the feel and weight just isn’t for me. I think I paid about £7 for it on Amazon. If you’ve tried this and your tone falls light or deep please do add your experience in comments. I wish I had someone else to try it on!

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