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International Sushi Day, sushi, maki, temaki, nigiri, sashimi, uramaki,

International Sushi Day, sushi, maki, temaki, nigiri, sashimi, uramaki,

June 18 is celebrated as International Sushi Day. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock Images)

Making sushi is a culinary art that requires rolling beautifully seasoned white rice into a Nori sheet, along with fresh veggies and raw fish. Sometimes the fish is being replaced by chicken or eggs. Indians have developed quite a taste for the Dynamite Sushi, a western preparation of sushi that contains a piece of prawn tempura and vegetables like radish, avocado, and cucumber, according to a survey by Swiggy, a food delivery app.

On International Sushi Day, we tell you how to make the perfect Sushi roll.

Traditional sushi roll

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Ideally, the typical Sushi roll is made by placing the seaweed wrap on the top and rice and other fillings inside it. In this way, one tastes the Nori first and then the rest of the elements, which might not appeal to a lot of people as Nori is an acquired taste.

Rolling inside out 

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This is an interesting way of rolling Sushi as the Nori is still there but you can’t see it on the top.


Roll like a cone

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Known as Temaki in Japanese, you can now convert the Sushi bed into a conical shape to give a unique shape. All you have to do is, place the sheet on a flat surface and then place all the ingredients diagonally and roll from a corner until it takes a conical shape.

Fat rolls

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Known as Futomaki, Sushi rolls can be made better and fatter if you crave for more filling. One can go overboard with finely cut cucumber, avocados, thin strips of spring onions, and well-cut slices of sushi-grade fish to add more layers inside the wrapping sheet.

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