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Fat can accumulate in any region of the body, and underarms are no exception. As a matter of fact, underarm fat is pretty common and the reason that it gets to develop is because it is quite difficult to spot reduce fat in one very specific region. However, there is no need to worry. With the proper regimen of exercise and tightening our muscles, we can get rid of this unwanted fat in the most uncommon area. In this post, we list down a few non-invasive procedures to get rid of unwanted fat.

How to Remove Underarm Fat

Now, the key to any specific spot – reducing regime is to follow a two pronged approach keeping in mind that;

  • To add more cardio and general overall strengthening exercises to your routine.
  • To focus on certain specific strength exercises.

With these two points in mind, let us begin to enlist a few simple exercises to help you get rid of underarm fat.

    • The Lying Chest Fly: This exercise requires you to lie flat on your back and to lift your knees above your hips at 90 degrees, while holding small weights in either hand you open them out and raise them to the ceiling. This exercise builds core body strength and helps to tighten and tone your chest and upper-arm muscles.

Lying chest fly exercise

    • Standing Reverse Fly: In this exercise, you need to stand upright and hold two small weights in either hand you slightly bend at your knees leaning forward slightly by the waist, while keeping your back straight – you raise and lower your arms as if the wings of a bird. This move is shown to improve chest and back along with toning your arms.

Standing reverse fly exercise

    • Chin Ups or Pull Ups: You have to actually cling to a crossbar and then raise and lower your body alternatively with the help of your forearms. This one has given proven results on toning your upper arms.

chin ups exercise

    • Chest Press: This one requires you to lie flat on your back and take two small weights on either hand and then bring your elbows by your side at right angles while keeping your arms above your chest, raising and lowering them slowly.

chest press exercise

    • Swan: Meant to strengthen your core and abs, you lie flat on your stomach with your arms beneath your armpits. Then you lift your body a few inches higher and then lowering it while keeping the elbows open by the side.

swan exercise

  • Pulling Measured Weights: Toning one’s back is essential to rid oneself of unwanted underarm fat, and one of the best ways of doing so would be pulling weights. In this one, you need to lie flat on your tummy, use small weights and put your arms by your side and then try reaching the back of your legs while lifting your head and chest off the ground.
  • Swimming: Swimming is one physical exercise that works wonders for your whole body. You can also mock swimming in your drawing room by lying flat on your stomach and then moving your arms and legs as if you were actually swimming in water. It has proven to be quite effective.
  • Push-ups: Push-ups can be very rewarding exercises to reduce underarm fat as they target many muscle groups throughout the body, particularly the muscles surrounding the underarm. For this, make sure to keep your body straight from head to toe. Repeat this in sets of 3 with 10 push-ups in each set and increase the number as you can gain skill.
  • Triceps-dips: Triceps dips workout have proven to be helpful in building triceps muscle. In this exercise, you use your triceps to support your weight as you dip your body. This exercise can be done on an exercise machine or a bench. For this as well, repeat in sets of 3 with 10 dips in each set.

Besides what has been stated above vis-a-vis exercises, there are some dietary tricks that too have given results. Reduced/moderated consumption of carbohydrates and polishing it off with a steady diet of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins along with healthy fats like avocado, seeds and nuts. Avoid common high sugar sources like sodas, candies, alcoholic drinks, cakes, and pastries. Also, skip having foods that are high in saturated fats and that includes margarine, butter, cooking oils, non-skim dairy products, fried foods, many desserts, untrimmed meat, cold cuts, and processed or packaged foods.

With all that has been stated in the previous sections, one more thing should be added. It is the prudent and ever pertinent word of caution. No matter how pesky those flabby underarms might be, one must always practice caution while performing the above exercises. There is no upside to straining and injuring yourself during the regime. And remember that underarm fat is quite common, let’s not get carried away and throw out our backs in the process. To stay healthy and fit, we must ensure that we do not strain ourselves out and besides with all that has been enlisted above, you can get rid of your unwanted underarm fat easily and in no time. And also keep a healthy track on your food consumption, following a healthy diet just to keep those unwanted pesky pounds at bay and keeping yourself healthy and unwanted fat free, underarms or otherwise.

Well readers, tell us what you think of the regimes that we have just enlisted for your kind perusal and mutual benefit in the comments section below. for reading!

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