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Are Masks…Over?

Are Masks…Over?

Certains things in life are clearly trends. Tiny sunglasses for instance. Or cauliflower rice. These weren’t built to stand the test of time. They’re fun for now! Take photos and share recipes responsibly. In 10 years time, you’ll look back and laugh.

So with that in mind, a question: When was the last time you masked? ‘Round these parts, we’re struggling to remember. With liquid exfoliators and retinols addressing the pore situation, serums and essence helping out on the hydration front, and vitamin C turning up the brightness…what is left to do? Seems like all the essential skincare bases are covered. And pretty well, at that. You wouldn’t want to overdo it now.

Do you still mask? What do you use? Why do you do it? Are all our #maskforce selfies in the rearview mirror? Let’s sort this out together. See you downstairs (the comment section).

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NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation Review

Claims: Introducing NARS’ first 16-hour foundation that stays turned on by the power of radiance. Untraceable. Unstoppable. Unlike anything else. Longwear is finally lightweight—and radiant. High coverage is now super natural. Its breathable, fade-resistant formula is infused with Raspberry, Apple, and Watermelon extracts to help smooth and improve the look of your skin instantly, and over time for full-powered radiance. It wears longer, stays stronger, and looks better with each hour. Specialized skin-matching technology ensures your truest match yet. Your future looks radiant with Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

Price: USD 49/INR 3400 approximately for 30 ml.
My Skin Type: Normal to dry
Shade I Use: Barcelona and it matches me perfectly.
Shade Range: Available in 33 shades.
Texture: Semi-thick, creamy, and spreads easily.
Packaging: The packaging is lovely, comes in this long glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle is not heavy to travel with.
Finish: Radiant and looks very skin-like.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation bottle

Longevity: I have worn it for good 7-8 hours and even for shorter durations because I just happen to wear it so much these days. And it has always stayed on for all these hours without fading, creasing or caking. I however would have to warn you that you do have to set this foundation pretty well because this does not really set to a powdery finish. If you don’t set it, it can be very transferable. I however do set all my foundations pretty well so it is not a big deal for me, but that’s a deal breaker for some people so I thought I’d just mention.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation packaging

Coverage: Medium to buildable. It can be built up to a pretty full coverage foundation.
Fragrance: None
Do I like It? I absolutely love this foundation; however, it has its own pros and cons. It does give that gorgeous flawless look to the skin without looking heavy or cakey. This foundation looks very natural, radiant and very polished. However, you do have to set it with a good amount of powder or else it is not completely transfer proof.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation cap

It is extremely long lasting. It has been my go-to foundation these days, especially in this hot-humid crazy weather because it does last long and gives your skin a lovely flawless look without that heaviness of foundation or anything on your skin. There have been days when I have had sweat on my face, but this foundation has not moved. I have literally just blotted my face with a tissue and my skin has just looked fresh. No fading or moving or rubbing off the foundation; that’s good. It has never broken me out.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation swatch

The shades matches me perfectly, but I feel it starts to look more skin-like and sort of once you have worn it for good half an hour or so. I can’t really say that it oxidises on me, but I do feel that I can see a shade difference between when it is freshly applied and when I see it after a while. I would say that if you have oily skin, it could oxidise on you. Given a chance, I would pick a shade lighter. It could be that ‘skin-matching technology’ they mention in the claims that tries to match your foundation to your skin tone.

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation on face

Does not settle in fine lines, does not accentuate the pores and does not feel dry on the skin. I would say for people with normal to oily skin, use it with a mattifying primer especially on the centre of your face. Because this is a radiant primer. And you want radiance only on the right places of your face.

IMBB Rating:

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Ciate London Liquid Velvet Nudes Matte Lipstick Bitter Sweet Review

Ciate London Liquid Velvet Nudes Matte Lipstick Bitter Sweet Review

Hello gorgeous gals,

Since we are doing lip products and liquid ones at that – I thought it’s a good time to share my review on the Ciate lipsticks. I had wanted to get my hands on this since ages. So, let us find out if this Ciate London Liquid Velvet Nudes Matte Lipstick Bitter Sweet lived up to the hype.

Ciate London Liquid Velvet Nudes Matte Lipstick Bitter Sweet packaging

Crystal Cleansing Water and DIY Stone Facials: Girl Undiscovered Gives Ethical Skincare An Ethereal Spin

Crystal Cleansing Water and DIY Stone Facials: Girl Undiscovered Gives Ethical Skincare An Ethereal Spin

It’s for the dreamer, the wanderer who wants to make the world a little more interesting and beautiful…”

“We were drawn to crystals for a myriad of reasons; visually, how they sound in the bottle, the way they capture the light, and how they represent more of a holistic view of the world — a belief in a bit of magic in the universe,” explain Charlotte Devereux and Philly Gebbie, co-founders of Girl Undiscovered, of the otherworldly powers behind their New Zealand-based brand that’s built a reputation for their transparency and ethical ingredient sourcing.

With collagen-boosting thanaka tree bark, anti-inflammatory kanuka honey, and healing cold pressed coconut oil infused to their ethereal line of products, the pair is proving that 100% wild is as efficacious as organic, with a sustainable edge.

What IS Crystal Cleansing Water?

According to Charlotte and Philly, the label was created to offer natural skincare for the “girl who wanted a bit more from her beauty products — it’s for the dreamer, the wanderer who wants to make the world a little more interesting and beautiful,” and the quartz crystals the brand has become notorious for (which are sourced ethically from Brazil) encapsulate this philosophy.

The brand’s culty Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water is infused with several stones including citrine, rose and amethyst quartz. “There’s something relaxing and quite charming about the way they gently clink together in the glass bottle and activate as you use it.” The water itself is a unique fusion of cucumber, aloe juice, thanaka bark extract and coconut water that work together to brighten and cleanse skin without harsh chemicals or acids. “We liked the idea of elevating this into a sensory experience with the crystals, the way they look, sound and emanate light and good energy in the bottle.”

Mastering The Energetic Stone Facial:

Taking the experience to a supernatural level is top of mind for the pair. “We created these products to encourage girls to take time for themselves in the effort to help make skincare rituals part of their wider selfcare practice,” they explain as we discuss the energetic stone massage designed to accompany their Stars Aligning Face Elixir Oil. “We have a set of six Stars Aligning Crystals to accompany our elixir for a DIY facial — using these to massage the oil into your face helps balance and illuminate your skin with an extra kind of power.”


Concentrating on the contours of your jawline, brows and cheekbones, massage the crystals over the facial elixir to help release muscle tension in the face as well as drain away any puffiness from the day.

“Your skin will not only glow, but the crystals will help you to relax and bring you a sense of calm,” Charlotte and Philly note — and they should know. “Almost each surface of our headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, is adorned with some kind of crystal collection — they’re constantly bringing us inspiration and positive energy!”

Lancome Beauty Boosters

Lancome Beauty Boosters

Lancome Beauty Boosters

Lancome’s newest launch is a selection of beauty boosters, the most useful of which is the Long Time No Shine (great name) powder to set and mattify, as well as prolong the life of your foundation. There is also a Fix It, Forget It fixing spray if your make up tends to wander, a Blur & Go Stick (didn’t work for me) and a Prep & Matte for oily skin that gets dehydrated.

Lancome Beauty Boosters

I love that this is anti-pollution as well as being non-sticky AND that it promises 24 hour hold – good for you if your make up needs to stay put for that length of time; I admire your stamina! We’ve all had those days when we think everything is just fine before looking in the mirror and wondering if you forgot to put any make up on at all! Where does that make up go? It’s one of life’s great questions. Anyway, this is £28. I haven’t put it to the test.

Lancome Beauty Boosters

There are two ‘universal’ shades for the Long Time No Shine powder – a deep tone and a light tone. You use it to knock down oil shine or to set your make up and give a matte look to skin. I’m not sure I’d use the included puff – I like powder applied very finely (if at all to be honest.. I hardly ever use it) and think it’s better if a brush is used. This is £32. It’s a very fine powder but I don’t have any information to tell me whether it’s a superior powder blend with special qualities, so that seems a little steep.

Lancome Beauty Boosters

I know what the Blur & Glow Stick is supposed to do – give blur and glow (obviously) but it only did one of the two on my skin. And I had the magnifying mirror of doom out just to double check! It gives a light sheen to the skin as the ‘glow’ element and that does work for anyone who likes a sheen rather than a highlight. It’s not really highlighty. In terms of blur, I just didn’t see it. Perhaps, as is often the case, these things can work well on younger skin but it does specifically state that it reduces the appearance of fine lines. Perhaps my lines aren’t fine enough. It’s £26.

Everything has launched HERE and goes out to other stockists on 29th August. I think the best buy looks like the Fix It Spray – nothing more annoying than that make up Bermuda Triangle.

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