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CREAMY SPINACH CURRY This is one of my favorite recipes, which is regularly made in my kitchen. I use different types of spinach to make this recipe and enjoy it every time. In my long stay in Africa, I used white silver beet spinach, which was the only type that was...

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Photo Contest Finalists: Who Should Win?

Posted on March 7, 2018 February's contestants submitted some very mouthwatering photos — including a green dragon cake! — for the chance to win a 12-jar gift set from Whole Spice. Who will be this month's winner? That's up to you! The photo with the most social media...

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Potatoes and Spices: Made for Each Other

Posted on February 28, 2018 Among the most versatile foods we know is the humble potato. This accommodating vegetable, along with its cousins in the sweet potato family, can be prepared in just about any manner you wish. Grilled, roasted, fried, mashed, hashed, baked...

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RASPBERRY JAM FILLED BREAKFAST SQUARE Happy Valentine ’s Day Suitable for vegans In 2016, I got a surprise gift of two cookbooks, by my daughter's friend, Mamta, who is a big admirer of my blog and always appreciates and enjoys my cooking. I was overwhelmed that day...

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How to Cook with Turmeric

With its sunny color, distinctive fragrance and warm flavor, turmeric has long been one of the world’s most versatile and popular spices. It’s an essential element in curries and Middle Eastern spice blends such as ras el hanout, and lends its golden color to many...

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