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Bonia presents Opera-inspired accessories collection for AW18

Bonia presents Opera-inspired accessories collection for AW18

“Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive,” said French playwright Moliere once. Today, Bonia successfully converts that affluent sound of opera into an exquisite Autumn/ Winter collection.

Inspired by the sensational elements of opera, the latest designs are seen radiating that grande dame aura of opulence and sophistication with an array of bags, heels and accessories.

For bags, the collection features the new Love tote, edgy circle bags, chain and strap shoulder bags and crossbody bags for the ladies. The designs include playful tassels, pearl stud embellishing and floral patterns.

For men, it brings a range of chest bags, messenger bags, backpacks and more. To complement them is a collection of kitten heels, oxfords and mules that exude royalty and sophistication.

Gents, command attention with slick and genteel looking shoes that combine sporty easy wear and classical footwear. To complete your look, deck yourself in accessories, ranging from clear lense and sunglasses to wallets and keychain accessories for that classic debonair feel.


Charles & Keith AW18 campaign celebrates femininity

Charles & Keith AW18 campaign celebrates femininity

For Autumn/Winter 2018, Charles & Keith came out with a new campaign using the slogan “Make Your Mark”, which is set to debut later this month along with their à la mode seasonal collection.

Wristlets and minaudières from the high street brand have been seen at the Emmys sported by Game Of Thrones star Maisie Williams and rocked at the BBC Music Awards due to English singer-songwriter Pixie Lott.

The new collection features an eclectic range of new bags, cutting edge shoes and trendsetting accessories.

For bags, there are selections like a light pink and black drawstring bag with panel details, and a neon strap detail duffel bag in white.

Other bags include a calf faux leather made boxy crossbody bag, a stud detailed chain handle bag and a nylon strap crossbody bag.

The campaign was shot by inimitable British photographer Harley Weir and was inspired by an empowered contemporary woman with an open mind and a positive philosophy in life.

Filmed in an abandoned car park, it features two young women expressing their creativity by painting coloured lines around the area.

Charles & Keith

Sporty yet chic looks in the new Charles & Keith Autumn/Winter 2018 collection

Weir previously worked with major labels and magazines such as POP, Self Service and Wallpaper, and is known for her personal and fearless touch.

For footwear, there is an array of ankle and knee length classic pointed boots in leather and fur. These come in either blade heels or an offbeat slanted block heel.

Oversized buckle slingbacks, cuff detailed and latch lift buckle pointed boots also appear in the collection to reflect the unique taste and bold decisions of a woman keen on making a statement.

For an energetic and outdoorsy look, stylish classic lace-ups and high-cut sneakers are featured along with trendy tote bags.

Completing the collection is a set of semi-precious stone stackable rings, mismatch earrings and cuff bangles.

Chaumet’s latest high jewellery collection explores Africa

Chaumet’s latest high jewellery collection explores Africa

After exploring Russia with Promenades Imperiales and Japan with Chant du Printemps, the French jeweller presents a third and final stop on its Les Mondes de Chaumet high jewellery tour with Tresors d’Afrique.

This latest chapter heads to sub-Saharan Africa, soaking up its multiple inspirations, from arts and crafts to femininity, sovereignty, symbols and nature – all of which gives rise to a colourful high-jewellery collection.

The new jewellery offering, inspired by sub-Saharan Africa, comes in five distinct parts. The first, called Ronde de Pierres, is inspired by the beaded necklaces worn by the Dinka people of Sudan and the Maasai people. These are evoked with beads of red spinel, emerald, sapphire and mandarin garnet, contrasting with black spinel on black rhodium-plated gold and diamonds.


Brooch in white gold and yellow gold, set with Grand Feu enamel, wood, rock crystal, onyx and brilliant-cut diamonds.

The Cascades Royales line is inspired by the necklaces and headpieces worn by Rwandan queens and Kenya’s Samburu brides, and features Muzo emeralds, sculpted onyx and navette diamonds; the patterns of Kente cloth from Ghana and Kasai velvet are channeled in the Terres d’Or line, with pigeon-blood rubies and yellow sapphires.

African arts and crafts are celebrated in the Talismania line, made from ebony, hardstones, onyx and gemstones. Finally, the Espiegleries line sees Chaumet join forces with the Kenyan artist, Evans Mbugua, who designed six animal brooches – an elephant, a lion, a zebra, a monkey, a giraffe and pink flamingoes.

One of the most spectacular pieces in this latest Chaumet collection is a convertible necklace in white gold and yellow gold, set with a 7.15-carat emerald-cut emerald from Muzo, Colombia, as well as nine navette diamonds (0.45-0.80 carats), onyx and brilliant-cut diamonds. Tresors d’Afrique also includes four watches, including two Tourbillon models. – AFP Relaxnews


The Straits Finery: Jewellery made for multi-faceted women

The Straits Finery: Jewellery made for multi-faceted women

The Straits Finery has created a new compelling collection of minimalist jewellery that celebrates the multi-hyphenate woman. Named Rosie The Riveter, it carries the essence of courage, femininity and tenacity.

Founders Amira Yahaya and Foo Chia Chern are offering a bracelet design this time around – a first for the Malaysian brand. Embellished with petite square extenders, it has an immaculate yet edgy feel.

Other pieces include multifunctional rings in silver and gold which provide a different semblance when rotated, as well as earrings that deliberately fall from different ends on each sides to create subtle playfulness and magnetism.

The collection’s namesake is none other than the American pop culture icon representing women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II.

“Rosie is a woman that gets things done,” said Amira. “When we started, we didn’t know how to run a business and we played every single role that one would play in a company; we managed the finances and product design, we created our own logo and business cards, we even polished the metals.”

In line with the inspiration, The Straits Finery recently launched its collection with Malaysian author Dina Zaman’s latest book, Holy Men, Holy Women.

Having embarked on a two year journey around Malaysia, Dina met people of many faiths. And from these encounters she has woven together a tapestry of vital stories.

“We have always wanted to do our launches different from a typical jewellery launch, we want it to carry a story and a message,” explained Foo.

The Straits Finery

The women behind The Straits Finery, Amira Yahaya (left) and Foo Chia Chern. Photo: The Star/Ong Soon Hin

After having worked with circles and spheres in previous collections, Amira and Foo are now exploring harder edges and geometrical designs. For example, square-shaped eccentric rings that can be worn while tilted diagonally.

“We always design with a theme in mind. So this time we drew inspiration for the designs from the art deco movement, and since the movement has maximalist features and extensive lines, we tapped into simplifying it a bit,” added Foo.

The result is pieces that scream sophistication while at the same time border simplicity. On the heels of representing strength and charm, the collection also features a sterling silver box ring for both men and women.

The Straits Finery

14k gold frame earrings, which are also available in sterling silver.

While the Rosie The Riveter collection is designed for everyday use, you can say that it still allows wearers the flexibility of indulging in jewellery – without going over the top.

“Some of the pieces are more elaborate than others, it’s almost like a white T-shirt, you can dress it up or dress it down,” both Amira and Foo chimed in.

The variation in the styles of the pieces and their ability to be stacked together while still not looking extravagant, makes each piece easy to mix and match. In this instance, every coming collection offers existing designs new value.

Unlike previous releases, The Strait Finery is teasing customers by releasing the Rosie The Riveter collection in three different chapters.

Chapter 1: Courage will be available online (thestraitsfinery.com) and at Snackfood in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur beginning July 30. Two upcoming releases scheduled for later this year and early next year promise the same originality and new pieces to complement the brand’s aesthetic.

Shine bright with Pandora’s Spring 2018 jewellery collection

Shine bright with Pandora’s Spring 2018 jewellery collection

Starting March 15, jewellery brand Pandora will be launching its Spring collection, featuring Pandora Shine.

Premiering through Pandora Shine is the Bee Mine and Ray of Sunshine series which will be available for a limited time only.

Pandora Shine

This season, Pandora makes gold accessible with an exquisite new precious metal, Pandora Shine. Crafted in 18k gold-plated sterling silver, Pandora Shine is the latest addition to Pandora’s selection of high-quality metals, building a fascinating story upon the best-loved sterling silver and Pandora Rose jewellery.

Inspired by the gorgeous glow of the sun, the beautiful golden tone of the Shine collection focuses on highlighting the personality and uniqueness of its wearer, letting women feel creative in their self-expression and shine from the inside out.


The stunning golden hues and details featured in the collection will make for gorgeous statement pieces.

Premiering in the Bee Mine and Rays of Sunshine jewellery series as well as iconic Pandora designs and limited edition styles, Pandora Shine is ideal for creating eye-catching, sun-kissed looks. Mix, match and style the new pieces in a unique way that will enhance your natural radiance.

Pandora’s Bee Mine


The bee-themed collection is sure to make a buzz.

Also premiering is the alluring, new bee-themed collection, Bee Mine. Vibrant, skilfully hand-finished details tell a beautiful story on Pandora’s nature-inspired Bee Mine jewellery in Pandora Shine.

A symbol of power, intricately crafted bees create a buzz on the season’s captivating novelties. The glossy honey colours, black enamel stripes and yellow and clear cubic zirconia stones shine wonderfully on elegant charms, stud earrings and necklace pendants inspired by the geometric structure of honeycombs.

A fresh take on Pandora’s iconic snake chain bracelet, a contemporary new bracelet design puts a chic spin on any look, featuring a sliding clasp and an innovative mix-and- match end part. Stack the earrings and make a layered style statement with slender necklace chains, charms and pendants.

Complete the look with the gorgeously glowing pieces of the Rays of Sunshine collection.

The new collection is available at selected stores only: Mid Valley Megamall, Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC,
Empire Shopping Gallery, SkyAvenue (Genting), Imago Mall (Kota Kinabalu) and Suria Sabah.

This article is brought to you by Pandora.

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