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5 Skin Conditions: How to Treat them & Be More Attractive

5 Skin Conditions: How to Treat them & Be More Attractive

We all want to look good, but a lot of us do not know how.

And because no one is perfect, some women opt for makeup to hide their unattractive features. However, do you have to put on layers of makeup to look attractive?

As many suffer from various skin problems, I believe that the key to solving such problems is to understand the causes, and know how to cure them without damaging your skin.

Here are the Five Common Skin Conditions and How to Treat Them

#1 Eye Bags

When you think of it, eye bags are not a skin condition but is an obvious issue that is common as well.

Eyebags typically occur due to weakness and a lack of sleep. A normal human requires about seven to eight hours of sleep per night. The sleep should be uninterrupted as waking up during the night or sleeping at random intervals can also be bad.

Other than that, weakness can also cause these bags to appear. While you can usually treat them by sleeping properly and having a healthy diet, you can enhance the process by using different face massages and creams to treat eye bags.

Placing a cold spoon under your eyes for a couple of minutes could do the trick. You can also try using green tea bags, and cucumber, simple, yet powerful home remedies for a quick cure.

#2 Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a sign of aging and typically appear in the 50s or early 40s, but some of us begin to have these even in our 20s. They also appear due to frowning and can be visible on the cheeks, forehead, and neck.

Wrinkles can be difficult to get rid of, and many people turn to specialists to undergo laser treatment to remove wrinkles. However, if it is just the beginning, you may be able to get rid of wrinkles by using simple ingredients like vitamin C, which is great for stimulating the collagen production in your skin.

There are also products available in the market that claim to fight wrinkles. However, be careful about what you apply to your skin.

The best way ever to deal with wrinkles is to delay their appearance by living a healthy lifestyle; using a sunscreen every single day, applying a moisturizer, and using natural recipes for treating wrinkles are the best ways to enjoy a beautiful and healthy looking skin.

#3 Acne

Adult acne

Acne is among one of the most common skin problems around the world. 90% of all people will face acne at some point in life.

Acne happens due to some reasons including hormonal changes, and dietary habits. In some cases, it will disappear on its own. However, it may leave marks that need intervention to get rid of.

Tea tree oil is an excellent way to get rid of acne and acne marks, without the need to expose your skin to harsh chemicals. According to reports, tea tree oil is as effective as benzoyl peroxide, which is used in most acne creams, but with no side effects, as if using benzoyl peroxide.

Other than this, make sure to use products that are designed for acne-prone skin  (usually labeled as noncomedogenic); so that you do not cause a breakout.

A straightforward tip is to keep your skin clean and remove your makeup before going to bed, in order not to let dirt or oil accumulates in the pores and cause breakouts.

#4 Moles

Moles are very common and can be found on any part of the body. While they are usually considered normal, some of them can get very big in size and rise as well, causing pain and other issues.

Most doctors recommend getting moles removed before they grow any bigger.

#5 Venous Issues

Varicose veins disease infographic

Venous diseases usually occur due to issues with the blood flow. These diseases typically cause the veins to swell and turn purple or blue. This makes the skin looks very unattractive, and the condition can be painful as well.

Most venous diseases can be treated with medication but some may require endovenous laser therapy. If you or someone close to you is facing such diseases, then make sure to find more information on endovenous laser therapy. It is a painless procedure that can help you get rid of the problem.

If you have any of these five problems, then make sure to get them treated. Looking good could be as simple as paying attention to what you put on your skin and by living a healthy lifestyle. So rather than hiding your skin condition with makeup, make sure to treat your skin.

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Study links acne with increased risk of depression

Study links acne with increased risk of depression

ACNE patients have a significantly increased risk of developing major depression, particularly within one year of acne diagnosis, according to a Canadian study published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

A new study, led by researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada, recommends monitoring mood symptoms in patients with acne, who could be at increased risk of major depression in the first five years after diagnosis.

The researchers used data from a major primary care database in the UK, collected between 1986 and 2012 (The Health Improvement Network – THIN), to investigate the link between the skin disease and mental health.

Among the patients followed for 15 years, 134,427 had acne and 1,731,608 did not. The majority were aged under 19 at the beginning of the study period.

The probability of developing major depression was 18.5% for patients with acne and 12% for those without the disease.

The researchers found that the risk of major depression was particularly high in the year following acne diagnosis, reducing thereafter. Risk for major depression within one year of acne diagnosis was found to be 63% higher compared to individuals without acne, according to the study.

“This study highlights an important link between skin disease and mental illness. Given the risk of depression was highest in the period right after the first time a patient presented to a physician for acne concerns, it shows just how impactful our skin can be towards our overall mental health,” said lead author Dr Isabelle Vallerand of the University of Calgary in Canada.

Doctors are advised to monitor mood symptoms in acne patients in order to ensure prompt treatment or refer patients to psychiatrists when necessary, the study concludes. – AFP Relaxnews

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